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The VW executive introducing the all new Jetta at the L.A Auto show insisted on the fact that this is a “driver’s car”.

That “VW’s are not like other cars, they are for people who enjoy driving, not lkit most other brands”.

Well, 10 minutes later, we got the exact same BS speech from the GM exec. introducing the Impala!!!

The Jetta is not different anymore. It has much less personality than before.

But I am sure it wil be even more popular in the US!

It seems that, besides the design, they got everythig right.

The engine for the US is a new 2.5 Liter 5 cylinder engine derived from the old 2.0 Liter. NOT related to the European V5.

It has 150hp.

They consider the new Jetta to cover competition from mid sized cars to entry luxury!

The closest thing seems to be the Acura TSX.

The car will start at around $18 000. Not bad really.

The interior isn’t very inspired, but very nicely put together.

The top of the line model with leather, sunroof automatic and even memory seats goes for around $26 800.

Which is very close to the Acura.

But it is roomier than the japanese car. The back seat is now really roomy!

And a 200 Turbo is coming later.

It looks nice and upscale in person. But that’s just like many other cars…

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