Bad details.

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Bad details are often what makes someone choose another car.

Here are a few exemples:

This is really not what you would expect of a $45000 car!

That just looks too cheap.

But that’s what you get in the new Corvette.

And that’s the useless 1 inch deep center console!

Why even bother…

Overall, the new Corvette interior is a big dissapointement. GM claims they have made huge progress. But this is just a little bit better than the old one…

What the Hell is that little triangular shape is doing there. By the headlight!

That’s just weird….

That has to take the price for worse interior in the industry>

Where do I start?

That Ford 500 door design looks like at came out 20 years ago.

And the different parts don’t even fit well together.

And that door handle is plastic too!

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  1. That little triangular shaped thing on the Saturn headlight is certainly weird unless it’s a headlight washer nozzle. I doubt Saturn is that thoughtful, but maybe some more of that GM European influence is rubbing off. I mean, just look at the gorgeous Sky and handsome Aura!

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