The Chinese are coming!!!!

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That’s right!!

Chinese cars are scheduled to enter the US market at the end of 2006!

And good old Malcom Bricklin is responsible for it.

The 1st brand will be Chery. A weird, dorky name for the US market.

Bricklin wants to sell a whole line of cars. Including compacts and mid sized sedans, as well as a coupe and this “Crossover” called: The Crossover!

Powered by a 2.4 Liter engine, it looks pretty good.

Most Korean cars still don’t look that good!

I think these guys are going to make a killing in the US market. If the quality is there. They are aiming for 250 000 cars the 1st year!

This is not a Cherry, but it shows what other Chinese brands could sell us if the Chery/Bricklin experiment works!

This came out a few years ago, designed by Ital Design.

To me, that looks better than a Hyunday XG! And the redesigned one will be even better!

Whatch out!!!!

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  1. I am torn on this. I am saddened because it may be the beginning of the end of the US automakers. But then again the US automakers are at fault because they sent so much of there technology to China via outsourcing, thus allowing China to have the technology to create more modern cars… So let them go broke. Maybe corporations will learn they cant outsource there technology and NOT have it bite them in the ass later on.

    I hope they go the way of the yugo.

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