L.A Auto show. Pontiac G6

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The Pontiac G6 convertible looks as good in the flesh as the pictures suggest.

The top is made by Karmann.

The Karmann people told me they are working on “a couple” of other US models with hardtops.

That means the next Sebring for sure. Chrysler will have no choice.

It is just too bad that the interior of the G6 is so average. In looks and quality…

But it matters a little less in a convertible.

The GM peopel are hoping to keep the base price (for a GT with the 3.5 Liter V6) at aroung $28 000.

That seems like a great price to me!

The coupe migh get lost in the shuffle.

But it also looks great. And is a cheapest alternative to the convertible.

A sunroof is available.

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