2006 Renault Clio3 RS

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A 2.0 Liter engine with 200hp doesn’t seem that much to us in the US.
But remember this car isn’t that much larger than a Mini Cooper.
And 2.0 Liter for that size car is a pretty large engine.
Regular Clios will mostly have carried over engines from the present generation. They include a 1.2Liter, 1.4Liter and 1.6Liter.
Plus a 1.5Liter Diesel.

The regular Clio might be introduced very soon to the press. And go on sale this fall in Europe.

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  1. hiii from France, I work for Renault ( I am a salesman )in France. This car brings out this weekend, I have already tried it, and I can say that I have a very good feeling with it. The price is 23000€, for 200 hp and a top finition…

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