2007 Toyota Yaris

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The Echo is dead, long live the Yaris.

Available as a 3 a 5 door hatchback pretty much anywhere else around the world, except.. You guessed it: the US market.

We’ll get the 3 door and this super conservative mini Corolla looking 4 door sedan.
And that’s too bad. Maybe they’ll do what Ford did with the Focus. See how the 3 door sells over here before deciding to bring the 5 door ..

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  1. My question is WHY?

    Did Toyota forget about the 3 Scions it already sells here? The Echo was a poor seller to begin with, why bring this boring car over?

  2. Toyota already has 3 Scions in America and they’re deciding to bring the Yaris. Canadians need it for their low income and if Toyota launches the Yaris in America then what about the Scions. WEIRD!

  3. Canadians don’t have lower income… We just use our money differently. And gas is pretty expensive here so we’re not fond of big thursty V8 SUVs… We put money on the house first.

  4. Are you sure that sedan is the Yaris? The front end does not match the Yaris 3-door. That looks to me like the next Corolla.

  5. Canadians have a lower income!? You Americans are an ignorant bunch of fools. No wonder your economy is going to shit.

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