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A small Californian company showed this stunning car at SEMA. It looks like a retro Italian design.
As you can see from the interior, it is based on the Corvette.

Just like back in the 70’s when the Corvette was used as a base for quite a few original looking cars.
But this one is actually hard to tell. Besides the interior.

I don’t know anything about this car, except the January 2006 date is mentioned. Maybe for possible production…

If anyone here knows about this, or was at SEMA and saw it, I’d love to find out more.

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  1. Anteros is the Assyrian God of Passion. It was created by my parents, who possess a tremendous understanding of art, romance, and fine lines. Indeed, one in the same, but quite the process to bring this out for the public. Right now, the car is at the Barrett Jackson, and yes production has started.

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