The non Camry, Mark X

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Here are just a few more shots of the Japanese Mark X. Successor to the Mark 2.
(Yes, I know…)

I think it looks a lot like our next Camry. And just like the Camry, you can see a bit of the Avalon in it.

But, unlike the Camry, it shares its platform with the Lexus GS. They even have the same wheelbase.
The Mark X has a smaller 2.5 Liter engine. And is, cheaper and actually sportier.

I think the next generation Mark and the Lexus ES could be the same car.
Lexus has already said the 2007 ES will be the last Camry based Lexus.
But what about the IS?

No, it’s not the US Camry. It is the previous Mark, the Mark2.
The Mark series has, for a while, been looking very similar to the Camry. Seems like they did it again with the Mark X…

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  1. both are nice looking cars inside and out, i guess these are what the toyota camry would look like if it had a different mission. This would be nice as a car in between the avalon and camry, or the replacement for the es

  2. im not buying this, we dont need 3 crown based vehicle in the US. two is enough, the IS and GS. and beside, the camry always copies the Mark/Cressida styling. this one and the previous gens came out before the Scamry.

  3. This will make an excellent Camry, sans the ugly front end. At last, the Camry will be sporty and desirable. I like the Mazda6 and the Altima, but they both lack luxury and refinement. This Camry should do teh trick. I wonder what Honda is cooking up for the next Accord.

  4. can you say itll make an excellent Cressida again. the camry sucks and it should of died a long time ago like say after 92.

  5. Can you say… You guys are idiots if you’re even thinking Vince Is saying this is the Camry? he says he thinks this would make a nice Camry, and looking back at previous Mark’s, they’ve looked similar over the years.

    BTW, the new Camry is the same as the old one with new fenders and lights

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