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Pontiac announced a base price of $28 500 for the convertible G6.
That is pretty good.
The car looks great in person (you can scroll down and watch my G6 Movie)

But VW was also talking about a similar price for their new EOS. The VW has a great looking interior with superior materials.
Not the case with the G6. Although the interior doesn’t matter as much in a convertible. It seems that you get more forgiving in that type of car.
The EOS has olso a sunroof. And even though VW quality hasn’t been great lately, their image is still better than Pontiac..

And finally… The new Sebring convertible is also coming up. At a similar price.

Stay tuned for the “2007 battle of the hardtop convertible” within a few months.

Last year, someone at Karmann (the roof maker) told me that after the G6, they were working on 2 more US projects (convertible hardtops). We now know one is the Sebring.
Anyone cars to guess what the other one is…. ( I don’t have the answer to that one yet…)

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  1. well first the eos will be a smaller car than the g6, and despite better materials,i would bet money on the fact the vw, will come out more expensive,look at how high the jetta, and passat,are priced,a hard top convertible between these two cars, with the same engines sounds very expensive, with a passat running up to 38, or 39 i can imagine how much a v6 very well equipped eos will be. butim worried about the top quality on the pontiac.

  2. Sorry about the spelling.
    Sometimes I have to write these things very fast…

    The G6 is a larger car, but it’s not roomier inside than the EOS.
    I think the back seat is even smaller.
    Most people won’t even think of getting the V6 when they can get 200hp out of the 2.0 Liter Turbo from the Passat.
    I still think it will be under $30 000. And a big blow to the Pontiac.

  3. Well, since Ford and GM already have their hardtop stuff figured out (the former done in house with the Euro Focus and the C70, the latter with in-house for SSR and XLR and with Karmann for G6), I’d bet it’s another DCX project-maybe the next-gen PT Vert?
    A hardtop would be pretty sweet…

  4. I don’t understand all these complaints about VW reliability. Pontiac is shit too. It all equals out, and we have nothing to talk about in that comparison.

    The Eos looks alot better in my opinion. Its modern, sharper, has WAY better engines, probably a DSG, and the crazy oragami-folding roof. VW wins.

  5. After seeing both in person, I can say the EOS looks better to me.
    But VW relaibility IS far behind Pontiac.
    And that’s for their regular cars. This complicated “origami” roof might even be more troublesome than other VW models.

  6. One thing no one thinks about before they buy these retractable hardtops is what happens if they get rear-ended. You damage the rear body structure where the hinge points for the top are and you’ll have a hard time getting the top to operate as it should. Body shops that fix the SL Benz’s have a very difficult time with this….Personally, I would stay away from them.

  7. Can you be a little more original? Everyone talks about the G6 being sub-par but my GT is all the car I could ever need.

  8. Having seen both in person, the G6 back seat is bigger. The VW trunk is bigger. As “autobytel’ recently said, the EOS will fill up the sorority parking lots. As for me, the Pontiac wins hands down. Top up or down…it’s styling is just much more sleek. Don’t know about quality. My dilemma is between a new G6 drop top, and a 2 year old Audi A4 ragtop. By the way…the Eos with lots of options is near $40k. Outrageous for a girlie car.

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