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Just when you think Ford is finally seriously updating the old Ranger…It’s not for us…
This new version is mainly designed for Thailand.

It looks like it is still based on the old Ranger, but this time, the changes are more than just a new grille.
The interior looks actually really good. A sort of scaled down F150. Which is what it should be.

I hear Ford is planning a “refresh” for the compact truck in the US. But only for a couple of years. Then nothing new is planned ranger will just disappear.
That’s another slice of the market they are giving up on.

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  1. one thing that I like is that the Ranger is actually a compact pickup, instead of an “almost-fullsize” like the others.

    Nothing rewards a great vehicle like years of apathy. Isn’t this truck still based on the same one from the early 90s?

  2. I bet you we see this exact truck as soon as the new trade agreement with Thailand is completed and ratified.

    Of course that means everyone currently building Rangers in the US will be out of a job.

  3. it makes you wonder why ford keeps giving its home country crap,and giving other countries whatever fits their market, how patriotic……

  4. If you trace the bloodline, this is a descendant of the Ford Courier, the name which it still bears in Australia and New Zealand. Ford has been selling this pick-up line under the Ranger name in Europe and Asia for many years, separately from the US model, so it’s unlikely to change this policy and bring it in to North America. It’s engineered by Mazda, rather than Ford (which is the case of the US model). I can only foresee that changing if Detroit goes through another round of downsizing due to high fuel prices.
       I do agree with Anonymous above. The C170 Ford Focus should have been replaced with the European model, so that Ford can at least be competitive against the new Honda Civic. But no … it prefers to sell old-tech stuff.

  5. Could someone explain to me why Ford won’t sell this truck in the US? I’ve been waiting on the next-generation Ranger for years, in a crewcab model, but they just keep selling to same old truck.

  6. Thailand is lucky to have this kind of Ranger. An impressive exterior matched with top of the line features, a spacious truck bed covered with a stylish tonneau cover , what more can they ask as aesthetics meets functionality

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