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All I say is, put a VW logo on this one and bring it over here.

It would be great to see this offered against the Scion xB.
Something with style instead od just a cube.

But …. VW isn’t that smart….
So are many others, like Ford and GM, who offer great cars in Europe that would help them better compete in the US.
It seems to take these guys forever to get it.

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  1. This car could do really well in the US with a 2 litre gas or diesel engine. But you are right Vince, VW does not have the foresight.

    In before the douche spills his hate speech all over this thread.

  2. A concerned citizen called police reporting strange noises coming from their garage. Upon entering the garage, police found an AMC Pacer wagon on top of a Scion xB. Finding both of legal age, authorities filed no charges. However nine months later the criminal nature of the liason was revealed.

  3. It’s a shame Ford, GM, VW all think Americans are stupid…

    I guess Summer’s Eve wrote enough letters to them to give them that mindset about us.

  4. ::shudders:: its offensive on so many levels. I’d much rather have a cube on wheels. Atleast its honest about it its mission, instead of trying to “style” it up the wazoo.

  5. I’m glad you aren’t on tbe board of VW USA, because bringing this steaming pile over here would be an incredibly dumb idea. I’d rather drive the Scion “box” than be seen in this thing any day.

    hint: Just because its Euro and different doesn’t mean its better.

  6. let’s not forget the ford falcon and holden commodore offered in australia…more great cars we dont get

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