2007 Pontiac G3

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Don’t worry, this is only for the Mexican market.
Where obviously, GM doesn’t really care too much about Pontiac’s “new” modern and sporty image.
Cars sold as Chevrolet over there are mostly older Opel models. So I guess Pontiac ican sell our US market Chevys.

The G3 is just a 2007 Chevy Aveo with a new front and a Pontiac badge…

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  1. Can you imagine how cool it would be if the Chevrolet Aveo were a small car in the same pricepoint it is in, and was an actually nice car… It already has options available that other cars don’t in this range: OnStar, sunroof, leatherette, iPod stereo (some)… It has feature content…now it just needs a richer interior, better exterior/interior styling (remember, it doesn’t cost any more to have a car look nice, bending metal is bending metal), and better driving dynamics (create a smaller 2.0 Ecotec engine, and give it 17″ rims)… If they could make every Aveo have power everything, a sunroof, OnStar–basically fulled loaded for $14,000 (which is a lot compared to the average price of what? $9000 on the current one?) they would sell like hotcakes… And it’s not like you couldn’t build that much more stuff into an Aveo for $5000 more on each car. It’d probably take less than that, shooting up the profits on each car.

    HECK, they could make it a mild hybrid (or even plug-in hybrid) and sell them for $16000 each… People wouldn’t care if it was a Chevy if it had the appeals of cars like Volkwagens, and the sensibilities of cars like Toyotas and Hyundais.

  2. …Better looking than the “G4” sedan…and we may get that one…

    Am I the only one who longs for an updated Sunfire…or Sunbird…or Monza/Sunbird for that matter…

  3. LT5 Eddie, I vote for the return of the Monza … man, they were good-looking cars. Even the Skyhawk fastback in the late 1970s looked good.

  4. Am I the only one who notice that this thing has BMW 3 series written all over it? Not that it’s bad thing, but sometime originality is a good thing.

  5. To the anonymous comment above, It’s because the Pontiac G3 is a redesign and you will find that the Chevy Aveo will also go through this redesign. The Pontiac Wave will be redesigned next year and will be the same car as the G3 in Mexico.

  6. …I had almost forgotten about the Nomad concept…That one should have been mainlined for production like the Solstice…

    Instead, the world has at least 3 “Saturn Sky’s” off “Kappa” to choose from (Saturn/Opel/Daewoo…and possibly Holden)…and the Chevy mini Vette has been cancelled.

    What ever happened to the “Kappa” coupes?

    Why hasn’t GM (or Ford) presented a proper response to the Chrysler 300?

    Why is GM always an “also ran”??

  7. Lo que pasa es que les da envidia que no lo van a tener en sus manos como tal, si no como un gm que no sirve para nada.

  8. Muy cierto .. pero si quieren uno .. siempre pueden venir a mexico y comprarselo isn’t???

    Viva Mexico Ca!..

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