2007 Toyota Corolla.

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  1. A good name for this model would be the Toyota Re-call! Holy ‘ol reliability problems lately. More than double the recalls last year, prius stopping dead at highway speeds, just announced….over 1/2 a MILLION cars recalled for safety problems in japan, avalon…worst ever…What’s happening at the GM of Japan. I guess they really ARE following GMs plan!

  2. blacklaser..((ask)).. this is the japanese version? european version? american version? jupiter or saturn vertion?????……jummm.

  3. Okay, that perspective of the back is hideous, so bad that i even agree for once witd douchebag (yes, even the old focus looks better,much better) – i´m not talking about the (i´m sure perfect) quality!!
    Probably just a bad picture anyway, but then agian i don´t think that the current Avensis looks too good either.

  4. The front and back don’t seem to jive. The front screams Toyota, but the back screams Renault. Woefully inefficient packaging with all the swooping curves, but it’s nice to see daring design for a Corolla. I’m sure Toyota got a nice jolt after looking at the new Civic.

  5. the front end looks great, im glad we dont get the hatchback crap tho, sedans and coupes all the way!

  6. Although part of these pictures looks genuine, the rear view, especially the shoulderline, doesnt seem to be united with the front very well. I had seen one of “spy” photo of the sedan, looks more like Yaris with shaper lines and more open front grill. By the way, can someone find spy pictures of 2007 Toyota Sequoia? I am looking for a new full size truck. For a truck that size, where on earth could Toyota hide it without any spy shot?

  7. Toyota better hurry up and join the rest of the industry by building a state of the art factory in MEXICO!!! This should squelch all the reliability problems they have been having as of late!!! Also, the cheap labor down there will keep costs down for consumers and create more profits for those money grubbing executives at Toyota of America!!! Long Live the Mexican Revolution!!!

  8. Despite all the noise of a redesign after Toyota bosses saw the European Civic, I guess I should not be surprised that the tooling wasn’t changed that drastically. Bread-and-butter car for those who like their bread white and their butter as margarine.
       The C170 Focus is too dated IMO but I actually agree with Douchebag; alongside the C307 Focus in Europe, this Corolla has no chance.

  9. Are you fu$#en robots even reading the comments early on. Toyota is suffering a quality meltdown and you geeks are talking about the styling. Admit it….toyota is on the road to oblivion,……just like GM…Toyota , the GM of Japan!

  10. To coffee smelling time:

    Take my advice, don’t take up a career in Public Relations; talk like that really won’t win opinions to your side.

  11. Hey Vince, check out worldcarfans.com for some “real” Corolla pictures. Same design language as Camrey and Yaris. These look like the real deal.

  12. I’m not trying to get anyone on my side. It’s not MY side it’s the factual side. Either you live in the real world or you live in the south. Most of the time the south is last to change what the rest of the world has already done!So my fine tarred and feathered southerner friend face the facts, Toyota builds garbage and has an excellent PR department to cover up! So Wake up down there in the south and smell the cafe

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