Saturn Zafira?

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Why not?

Now that we are getting the Opel Astra as a Saturn, why not the Astra based Zafira?
It is based on the Astra wagon platform (which we will not get in the US) and is about the size of a Mazda 5 (one inch shorter ). Subaru actually sells it in Japan as the “Traviq”.
And it also seats 7.

Engines, in Europe, include the 1.8 Liter with 140hp.
But also 2 2 Liter Turbos with 200 and 240 hp! (and of course a bunch of diesels)

I don’t think the Mazda5 is a big hit, and GM might be too scared to import the Zafira over here.

But you never know….

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  1. enough is enough
    saturn does not need krautmobiles in their lineup
    theion is one of the best car you can buy as it is
    much better than any opel could ever deream of being

    i am writing to gm as we speek so thry might change thier mind on this one.

  2. ugh, what has the General done to Saturn? They’ve taken away the value and kinda neat features, and instead replaced them with Buicks and Oldsmobiles V2.0. Stop that.

  3. Actually, I think it’s a smart idea for Saturn to capitalize on the availability of Opel’s well-engineered line-up of sporty sedans, wagons, coupes, convertibles,, hatchbacks, and cross-over vehicles. They all look very slick with lovely interiors and tight handling. Saturn would do very well to market every version of Opel’s products in the United States. This would transform Saturn into a very credible threat against Mazda and Volkswagen which are two of the most desirable brands among young professionals.

  4. Vince, I don’t think Subaru offers this model any more (Japanese web site list here. The Thai-built Traviq was a first-generation Zafira only, and since GM sold its Subaru shares, the agreement may have ended.

  5. The 1.8 Pontiac Vibe is a big hit for GM in North America. This is a segment with a future. Zafira does have a market in the USA.

  6. too bad the vibe/matrix, are gonna be discontinued soon buddy. the toyota gm aliance is finished. that means death of the vibe. I have to say, the vibe is much better than the old corolla/prizm and corolla/nova were.

  7. I’m in Scotland on vacation from the US just now, and we got a Zafira diesel on a rental for the week. We have 4 kids aged 2 – 12. It was a squeeze to get the luggage to the hotel from the airport, but possible with one rear seat folded flat, and some carry-ons on laps. With tie-downs I could’ve loaded the roof rails. While we’re here we comfortably added Grandma for the day trips.

    All the time this thing is displaying 44mpg on the dash (which is 40mpg US). I’m 6’2″ and I don’t even have to put the seat all the way back like I do in pretty much all vehicles. This wouldn’t do for our regular vehicle (I like my 4×8 capacity in the Chrysler T&C we have for those Home Depot trips) but I’d love to have one to replace my Geo Prizm commuter when it dies. It only gets 34mpg and carries 5 – not a fully useful second car when we have 6 of us and the Chrysler is starting to get unreliable and need to go into the shop (again).

    Needless to say there is no way I could’ve maneuvered the Chrysler around the Edinburgh dead end back streets I got us lost in. This is a small MPV on the outside, but amazingly roomy inside. Bit like my old mini. Or a Tardis, if you get the reference.

    The stick has 6 gears – I haven’t got it past 5th yet, so it probably has a good top speed. I haven’t been past 70mph as there are all these cameras on poles here and I just don’t want to know how strict they are these days.

    It really grates me when the American manufacturers whine that it will kill them to produce a vehicle that will do 30mpg when their subsidiaries elsewhere are doing way better than that already everywhere else on the planet.

    Anyhoo. I like it. I’d buy one if I needed a new car and they were available in California. Don’t care what GM badge they put on it.

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