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It looks that BMW is getting closer to bring out a smaller and less expensive model in the Rolls line up. (Illustration above)
It would be priced slightly above the Bentley GT, so figure around $180 000.
But it will be a sedan.

The market for super expensive cars like the “above $300 000” Phantom is shrinking a bit.
But the segment above $100 000 is expending, and the legendary brand wants to be present.

Who can blame them , really…

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  1. I’m sure it will be a great car.

    I find myself less and less interested in these super-high end cars though. Since they are out of reach for most people…I get excited when some of the technology, styling and build quality trickles down to the average car that jane and john doe purchase.

    I mean, buy a car for over $100,000, and it better be darn near perfect. Buy a car for a quarter of that, and if it’s reliable, stylish, and has great build quality with lots of features…that just seems much more of a feat to me.

  2. the front of this illustration sorta looks like the bentley arnage, like rolls royce cues put on that car, especially the grill.

  3. WHAT A waist! they will kill the brand as Bentley did.
    there is no more exclusive brand anymore.. truley sad

  4. This will likely be a better-proportioned car than the trucklike Phantom. While there is a lot that’s appealing about the Phantom, it’s a little ghettofab and conspicuous for a lot of people and I don’t feel that it’s enhanced the RR brand at all. The Bentley is much more understated and sportier in every way. If you can afford an 180k car, you can probably afford a $300k car also. That is to say, if you can’t afford a $300k car, you really shouldn’t be buying one that costs nearly two thirds of that either. But I’ll bet the smaller sportier one will appeal to many more people in the super-lux segment.

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