Toyota MR2

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At least an illustration of what a redesigned MR2 could look like.

It does look great, but I don’t think there is a market right now for this kind of car.
Unless they find a way to share so many parts with other models…

And Mazda is coming up with a small coupe, so who knows…

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  1. Very concept car style, that illustration… Unrealistic: The wheels are way to huge, the side windows far too rounded to be production able, and it looks like a CC, but then again i see no c pilar + wasn´t the MR2 always mid engine? Fold top and mid engine, that won´t work.(and please don´t abuse the MR2 name for a Yaris FWD coupe)

    Anyway, I agree with you Vince, there is no market for small coupes, not even in Europe…

  2. alledgedly there is a Toyota Celica/Supra/MR2 in the works that has every possible gimmick crammed into it. Supposedly its

    * All wheel drive
    * Mid-engine
    * Folding hardtop
    * Hybrid Synergy Drive
    * Direct-injection 4-banger
    * Variable Cylinder Managment
    * etc.

    This could be what the illustration is taking about.

  3. These fenders remind me of those from the Honda sport4 concept.
    The looks like the sketch from Germany that they labled Honda s2000/Acura NSX.

  4. Unless the MR2 would go front engined there’s no need for an upper air inlet. Probably just a “Photoshop Dream”… Sad to see the MR gone. I had a Mk1 and have a Mk2 Turbo….Driving a mid-engined car is an incredibly fun experience.

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