2007 Hyundai Tiburon

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With all the new cars from Hyundai, I had almost forgotten about the Tiburon Coupe.
It is actually also pretty rare in the streets.

This picture shows Hyundai will soon make some changes . But it also means the all new RWD coupe is still a couple of years away…
Too bad.

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  1. we had a base model 2001 tibby. it got 103,000 miles. ran great until 99,337, then the bearing went out on front wheel. They chaged it and the passenger side bearing/axel(SP?) combination(yes, they replaced the axel/bearing…odd set-up?).
    Anyhow, all was well, until 2 months later, @ 103,000+, my spouse called me from a hyudnai dealership(she was on her way to work, in fact)….and said the tranny was dying on the car.
    Luckily(Very luckily), at the time, they had a cool serivce center mgr, and we decided to do a trade in and he said”all is ok” on our car(it was still driveable, but barely…. it was very close to death, and over 3K to replace it).
    We ended up wiht our current 2004 Sonata gls V6, for trade in(they ahd a big sale on the Sonata’s, luckily?).
    Now, my 2004 Sonata, as decent as it is, wellll…. after Three(65 mile one way) trips(round trips) to the dealership, from March-July, they fixed one window.

    the gasket/motor in the rear-drivers side window was sticking, and now closing half the time.
    They messed me aorund until I threatened to call and ask for a meeting with the district factory rep, at their dealership, asap!

    Guess what? after only 2 weeks, the passengers side rear window is doing the exact same thing!
    The car has around 32,000 miles, and is only 22 months old.

    It runs solid, but this garbage window gaskets/motors….
    we may never buy any more Hyundai’s(or consider a Kia).

    Someone said on anohter forum that Hyudnai has a solid tranny/motor, but everything else seems “cheap”.
    Guess they are correct?
    Also, seems the dealerships don’t wanna do the repairs, like they did 5 years ago.

    Just an FYI.

  2. Is it really rare? Where are you from? In Vancity I see this car everywhere, almost more than the celica. And boy, does it ever look good.

    Apparently, it will get a refresh for the 2008 model year and than it will be phased out for a rear wheel drive sedan. Later in 2010 this rear wheel drive sedan will spin off into a Coupe/Convertable once again. (rear wheel drive this time)

  3. “Where are you from?”
    the name of the site should give you a clue….

    And over here, I have seen just a few since they came out, years ago.
    Why would I lie about that???

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