New Porsche Targa

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One good looking Porsche coming up!

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  1. nice sunroof, errr, targa, but um, that defeats the whole purpose of being a targ top, the whole top portion above the driver seat and passenger seat should be off, dont leave those two stinkin pieces of metal on each sides there, whats the point, its just a big ol sunroof then, they should call this the “skyview” ala nissan

  2. Most mid-life-crisis cars bore me.

    This is yet another automobile for paunchy, balding stock brokers to help prop up their rapidly deflating manhood. But if this gets you some action, I say go for it, fellas.

    Does this Porsche come standard with a toupee and Viagra in the glove compartment?

  3. Give me a break. You would blow a nut if someone gave you a 911. Trick out your xB all you want, nobody is impressed.

    Yes, older (and accordingly wealthier) men who no longer have to worry about paying tuition and almost have the mortgage paid off are the ones who can afford such luxuries.

    The 911 is a legend, for good reason. They’ll be talking and writing about it 100 years from now. Your 100hp Civic with a plastic wing glued on the back won’t get a mention.

  4. No i need that wing so i cant see out my rear view mirror !! while im on the phone and taking bong hits ! oops and im eating a sloppy taco also !

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