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  1. I do like the way they incorporated more curve into the body of the car. Other than that, the wider wheel wells make the car look even sportier.

  2. is it only me? or does it look different from the earlier post with front end. side line seems different. rear look much better than the front.

    but it definitely looks like some practice rendorings b4 production.

  3. Quad exhaust looks good. The trunk lid reminds me of the back of the new 6 series BMW. The bulges on the body remind me of the new mitsu eclipse.

  4. Wow! Those are some big hips. Should be a hit with increasingly fatted Americans.

    All joking aside, could the wider track mean a more serious nod to handling in Z06 territory? A special edition Z over the base model?

    Keep us posted, Vince!

  5. This illustration gives me the feeling that they took a body design that had been refined for years…and gave it some ghastly plastic surgery, especially in the hindquarters. Is that a Bangle butt? Please, tell me this isn’t real.

  6. Hey Vince,
    You know a lot about cars, Hey this Z is a total re-design or just a re-fresh. Do you think this are preatty darn accurate? I know Nissan did big design change in the 03-05 to set a language but the second generations is building on the desing. Thanks.

  7. Hey Vince,
    You know a lot about cars. Do you think this is a major re-design or just a re-fresh? How accurate is this picture. Thanks.

  8. I don’t think this picture is accurate.
    Unless they decide to do what they did with the new G35: redesign the whole thing and make it look the same…

  9. Obviously just an illustration, but I still like to see how people interpret what they think the next version of a car should look like.
    Keep the chops coming!

  10. this car looks terrible when compared to the current one. the 350z now is so perfect, its a classic, clean design. this is a huge downgrade, very disappointing

  11. it looks sorta like it has a widebody kit. The rearward visability must be damn near zero, look at that trunk! I really, really like the upright tail-pipes.

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