Porsche takes control of VW!

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Just a few days ago, Porsche increased its share of VW to over 25%, which allows it to actually control the company..

It it a good thing?
I think so. VW needs new thinking. And let’s hope Porsche addresses the quality problems and gets a better understanding of the north American market while they’re at it…

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  1. Dont know whats wrong with VW in the states… but its a quality benchmark everywhere else… but i think i’d go crazy trying to understand you yanks…

  2. This can only be good. Porsche is a classy brand and VW (at least in the U.S.) is a troublesome POS compared to just about everything else.

    In recent years, VWs in the U.S. have been great for the success of Toyota, Honda, and other more worthy imports.

    I put VW in the same class as Ford–why even bother with it?

  3. The connections have been there from the start, so this is only logical. Porsche, Piëch, etc.—all part of the same clan, at the end of the day. However, both companies’ shares fell on announcement of this news.

  4. The VW Phaeton was a beautiful vehicle but a total disaster from a marketing standpoint. Porsche came out with a SUV, the Cayenne… can you imagine the result if a high-end luxosport sedan like the Phaeton had the Porsche badge on it? Some of the baby boomer crowd who always loved Porsche might not be able to justify a 2-seater but they would jump all over a Porsche Sport Sedan. Cadillac, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, etc. have a reputation in luxury sedans but they also have their 2-seater sports cars… why shouldn’t Porsche come at it from the opposite direction?

  5. Douchebag Jones said…

    let them destroy each others

    Destroy each other’s what?


    If Porsche can help keep down costs and increase reliability, it’s a marriage made in heaven. If not, so long suckers.

  6. Maybe Porsche will start building some of their models in the VW plants down in Mexico to cut costs and increase their profits!!! Just think of it, a Porsche built in Mexico!!! The American buyers are dumb enough to buy anything with a label on it, just for the prestige, no matter where it is built!!! All the more power to Porsche!!! Vince, I believe the future’s uncertain and the END is VERY NEAR, as we know it, for automobile nameplate purity!!!

  7. I’m not sure that VW ‘needs some new thinking’ here in the states as Vince put it–I just think their reliability needs alot of work.

    Their products seem outstanding til you get them home and have to live with them.

  8. Don’t expect too much changes on both sides. “The move was intended to protect struggling VW, which supplies nearly a third of Porsche’s production, from any hostile foreign takeover”.

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