Telsa Roadster by Lotus

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Lotus announced it will build the all electric Tesla sportscar.
Already based on a Lotus Elise platform, the Telsa has a 250 miles range and does 0 to 60 on 4 seconds!
Prices will start at around $85 000 when the car comes out next summer at a rate of 1000 a year.

Is this a new beginning for electric cars?
I don’t need a car that goes that fast, but a 250 miles range is more than enough for most people.

I remember driving an EV 1 a few years ago and was more than impressed.
The car was very fast. And, well… very quiet.

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  1. the front end looks like that britsh car the marcos it looks just like it, but other than that cool concept

  2. it’s a fantastic-looking car. i’d get one if i could afford it. Dan Neil, the LA Times’ automotive journalist, just did an article on it. He loves it but he said that despite the premiere where the Governator showed up, only 34/100 of them have sold.

  3. Why is this not big news? This car can curb our addiction to oil but yet its performance oriented, i would buy one if it was in the 40-50 thousand range but this car is simply amazingly beautiful and more cars like this should be offered

  4. Funny there has been more news of Tesla in the blogosphere than the mainstream media … and sad to note. We need to get word out and not wait for journalists to.

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