2007 Chevrolet Silverado

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Nothing unexpected, but that’s pretty much what the market wants.
The front bumper design makes it look like it is sagging. Like an overloaded shelf, weird…

And I think the interior is better looking in the Ford F150.. But who am I really…

This will sell better than any car we discuss on this site, no matter how expensive gas gets.
And if you think of it, as long as you don’t compare them with regular cars, these full size pick ups are getting pretty civilized.

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  1. Looks like Toyota and Nissan have to go back to the drawing board yet again.

    The new Tundra is all looks and no substance. It will only appeal to Toyota fans while this will appeal to pick-up truck drivers in general.

  2. It is called reliability! that’s rigth, when it comes to Nissans or Toyotas,that is the Brands I will choose.
    The new Tundra will kick ass. Great engine, great truck, etc.
    At edmunds.com, they did choose the new NIssan Titan over the Ford and GMC come in last place.
    You go and figured it out.

  3. bleh… i guess it’s not bad. nothin amazing though. got any pics of the rear end? I’m anxious to see if it is any different than all the other pickups out there…

  4. Given Toyota’s (and Nissan’s) recent spate of recalls, relaibility isn’t their middle names anymore. GMs new pickups – unexciting trucks as they might be among a market segment of unexciting trucks – will give the competition all they can handle and more. And their interiors make the looks-cobbled-together, multi-surfaced jumble in the Tundra look even worse than it actually is.

  5. GM trucks HAVE to be square… That’s been their trademark for a long time now. They have to look like civilized brutes… Good enough for pleasure but made for strong work. (Like the Gillette commercial… Strong enough for a man but made for a woman…or something like that)

    This new evolution of the exterior is a nice improvement. If it stand out as much as the new Tahoe in the streets, this will be a winner.

    It’s too bad the interior is not as refined as the one from the F150. With a stripped down version of the Tahoe’s interior, this would be nice.

  6. Like Jeremey Clarkson would say, “It looks like it was styled by somebody who only had a ruler and a T-square”

    It looks… handsome, I guess is the right word. They are alright looking, but don’t make any sort of statement like the 3rd-Gen Pre-facelift Ram, or Nissan Titan.

  7. The top of the line models come with the tahoe/yukon interior. The truck interiror is still nice and u can actually work out of it. Also, Nissan Titan has the worst reliability of any truck.

  8. what cracks me up is that corolla, prius,civic, all top sellers, and getting msrp, no discounts.
    Saels of Hyundai all time record for July(see theautochannel.com, hyundai), Kia, same thing, Suzuki, same thing….and on and on it goes.

    When everyone else is sellign ice cream on a 100 degree day, Big 3 sell hot chocolate, and wonder why they aren’t sellng anything?

  9. I think this design was too cautious to sell well over more than the first year or two.

    Way too boring for my tastes and i never will understand why soo many southernerns feel like they need to drive pickups when theyr’e never really hauling anything around (besides themselves).

    Also, whats with all these domestic haters in this forum. I doubt this truck performs any worse than the toyota, nissan or honda ones. The bottom line is, buying japanese cars is bad for the US economy no matter how heavily they adverties their 1 or 2 non-unionized US production plants here.

  10. just a question: how come the silverado has two different interiors depending on the trim level? what’s the reasoning behind it?

  11. To Ms. CNN – sorry to break the news concerning Toyota’s increasing recalls, but the truth sometimes hurts. Now you can do with this what you suggested I do with “my GMC”.

    That being said, if someone needs a “sexy” ride, there are plenty of other vehicular alternatives to a pickup. Pickups are work trucks, and that’s what most pickup buyers look for. Only a poser needs something more.

  12. Silverado – I can’t believe how much this really looks like the 70s/80’s C/K with the stacked headlights the more i look at it. This can only be a good thing – those trucks are still all over the road – the owner loyalty rate must be off the charts.

    Sierra – hot. This thing is going to sell…

    My only complaint. 4 speed autos for 2007?? Still????

  13. Anonymous above…why two different interiors you ask?

    Because one seats 3 across, and the one with the center console only seats 2!

    BIG difference when it’s a work truck!

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