Chinese Aurora SUV

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No need to scream. This will not make it over here.

This SUV called the Aurora is a copy of the Korean Rexton (actually owned by another Chinese company).
I guess they thought the original was too boring so they made this one even stranger.

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  1. despite that wierd upside down triangular window, it still looks better than that new Saturn Vue/Opel thing you posted awhile back.
    It would not take too much to make it look like a “Me-Too” SUV, where as that Vue? Scrap the whole thing and start over.Still, no matter, we won’t see it.

  2. 2 bad it won’t make it here, as it probably would attract(maybe) some younger buyers?
    As for weird looks: hey, I’m all for that. Why be normal?
    Why be a conformist(especially when it comes to vehicles).
    I’m sick & tired of “me-too” stuff.
    Hope chevy, or Visionary Vehicles do have slightly odd tiwsts to their styling(hey, it does not hurt Scion sales to look different form the crowd).

  3. The domestic market Korean SUVs are hideous enough.

    The Chinese knockoffs of Korean SUVs are positively hilarious.

    Seriously, almost all of South Korea is a knockoff (me-too) of American design. The architecture, TV, even their “Interstate” system is exactly like ours, complete with rest stops and the red, white, and blue shield numbering system. I don’t blame them, but to think that this kind of stuff isn’t me-too-ism is laughable.

  4. Is there anything these stupid chinese won’t rip off?


  5. I agree with the thing about the doors. This looks like a reskin of the Isuzu now extinct everywhere but China. I think it was called Landwind when they tried to sell them in Europe recently, and then failed the safety tests.

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