2007 Smart For Two

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Mercedes just showed this sand sculpture of the next Smart in Germany.
What a weird attempt at being cool.

The good news is, that’s the one we’ll get in the US.
real pictures soon…

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  1. Here is the rear click this and thank goodness the proportions are way off cause that thing is odd looking ! and this shot has always been my favorite spy car shot of the next smart taken 2 years ago, that dude is just so happy to be flying that finger, lol .

  2. Great city car. Don’t take anything with you or travel on the highway however.

    You know it (at least the 2006) has a top speed of beyond most people’s highway speed. it’s a bit short on luggage space when compared to a Buick, but heck, it’s still OK for grocery shopping (they did a beer test, and it could hold like 30-some crates of beer in the back).

    Oh ya, and nice sand castle. Or, rather, a sand carsle.

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