2008 US Toyota Aygo

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These are illustrations from the geat Mark Stehrenberger of this new super small upcoming Toyota.
I posted a spy shot of it just a few days ago.

As you can see it is smaller than the Yaris.

But apparently, it will be based on the European Aygo. A small Toyota on sale in Europe since last year.
Peugeot and Citroen offer their own version of the car as well.

The US version would be a 3 door only (3 and 5 doors are offered in Europe).
It would have its own design.
Our engine would be a 3 cylinder with up to 100hp.
For early 2008

I am not sure there is such a large market in the US for such a tiny car.
But it is a cool move from Toyota to try something new.

What do you think???

Here is a picture of the European Aygo.
We will get a different design.

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  1. Cool move. Yes. Too Small. IMHO; Yes.
    If this thing were , say, Yaris Sedan sized(yet, a 3 door, and call it a Scion)… I’d consider it.
    If I recall correctly, didn’t the old Sprint(Suzuki?) 20 years ago, also have a 3 cylinder, and deliver great MPG?
    Inexpensive car, with well Over 40+ MPG hwy?

    If this were 1987…. yeah, i could see taking a chance on something of this size, in USA, but in the land of Giant SUV’s and jacked-up trucks(with bumpers that look as if they could scrape the top of a Toyota Camry, in and accident), No Thanks.

  2. This should have been the Yaris sedan design(including the sketch interior, or “normal” type of dash layout of instrumentation).
    The exterior in the sketch looks almost sporty!

  3. I’d buy one if it gets 45MPG, that’ll be a great back & forth to work car, while my big Riviera sits in the garage all shiny for weekend use!

  4. It’s a little small for the US market… I’m pretty open-minded about small cars, but wouldn’t feel comfortable in something smaller than a Yaris… At least they put the instrument cluster in the right place with this one.

  5. Forgot just what a great illustrator Stehrenberger is. The local mgs (Australia) don’t use his stuff like they used to.

  6. Anonymous said…
    i love small cars, but when i see this i think “why yes, i’d love my new coffin”.. lol

    12:11 AM
    Best Comment Of The Week(so far)!
    I agree 100%!
    I also concur with the person who said put the instrumentation where it should be!
    They should fix the oddball dash for USA… on yaris sedan( I have seen a few, and they are decent enough in size, etc… but that dash….it’s just enough to make me Not consider one!).

  7. “Something new? Its called a smart car.”

    You must have been living under a rock all these years, because the Smart car was designed after, and to compete with, Japanese superminis, or Kei cars.

  8. Oh yeah, sure. I can just see these rims on a production car. Stehrenberger is a fine illustrator, but he always puts rediculously huge wheels on his cars. They look even more rediculous on this Aygo. It’s as if he draws for 16-year-old boys. Or pimps.

  9. i think i’d pee my pants with delight watching this thing get t-boned at 60mph by a F350 dually diesel

  10. What is it with US drivers and small cars? You say you would not feel safe because of the size of trucks, speed on the interstate etc, but how many of you have tried driving on European autobahns/autoroutes/motorways? Speeds are higher than in the US – I know, I have driven in the US and throughout Europe, and a 97000 lb truck is no baby.

  11. I Love this little thing… but the dealerships are gonna price it as high as they can go … like the smart car . THere is a dealership in oklahoma city oklahoma. they have priced the smart car fortwo at 26,000… when the internet price is 14,000. I CANT FREAKIN AFFORD THAT! they wil most likly do that with the aygo.. im sad.. but its its reasonably priced… i’d deffently buy it !

  12. there’s a difference, the SMART is a crazy cult car with way too much press and no competition right now. Hopefully the aygo will slap Mercedes into place. There’s really no room for dealers to jack up the price that much. They’ve got the aygo sedan and hatch directly above it and the corolla/matrix above that. All of which are cheaper than the 26 grand you’re local dealership wants for a SMART.

  13. I’ve had a 2007 Yaris sedan since
    April 2006 and love it. It’s as
    nice as my 98 Corolla was and drives quite well. Got hit very
    hard on expressway last week and
    knocked into median cement wall.
    I’m sore and my car has $7000 of
    damage, but the frame actually
    held up very well and it did not
    crunch up like an accordian. Hit
    on right side and hit wall on left
    side and both doors opened fully
    and easily afterward. I’ve
    regularly gotten 38-40 mpg. If this
    little Aygo is priced right and
    it gets better mileage, I’d buy
    one in a flash. Phyllis S. Chicago

  14. well, it hasn’t come to our shores yet. However, the way gas prices have been going up, people will be screaming for it. There is also the Toyota iQ which seems to be a similar size.

  15. i live in the uk!!!!!!!!!!!! and this car is a really good car!!! it sells like mad!!!! i have one myself! mine is a blue one with a 1.4 diesel engine!! and it runs great. a full tank cost me £37.50 and i can get 400 miles just running about but can get 650 using it on long distance!!!! so if yous american get it u will be lucky!!!

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