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  1. Cool, a pic of the engine! Vince, you can always be counted on to bring the most interresting pics.

  2. Look closely. Take away the fuel cell stuff and you are looking at the next Accord. Check out all the detail work. Cup holders, sun visors, air vents, windshield wipers etc… It has all the detail work of a production car. I just hope it comes standard with a rear view camera because you won’t be able to see anything over that high trunk.
    This is brilliant: Disguise the new production car as a fuel cell vehicle.

  3. If this is the next Accord Honda will be light years ahead of the competition.
    But they already announced officially this car will be on sale in the US and Japan with the Fuel cell powertrain.
    Would the Accord use the same body?

  4. although not everyone may like the design of the car you have to congratulate honda on two fronts. First it is noteworthy that they are REALLY exlporing alternative fuels in production cars, and secondly that they are making bold new designs, taking automative design into the future rather than lazily rhashing old designs and calling them “retro”. This highlights why both GM and ford are failing, as that they are not moving the automobile industry into the future rather they are trying to recreate the sucess they had in the past.

  5. If they throw away that “fuel cell” and then insert a compact twin-chargers I4 engine, this car can be a real competitor against 300-series and Avalon. Unfortunately, it can’t be our next Accord, because the hood area is even shorter than “Sport 4” concept (hint for Euro R). Expect even more rational and progressive for our American Accord.

  6. pu
    OK, This thing had better not be more costly than the Prius. I can get one(believe it or not) for alittle over 23K(I know, I could get a base model, alittle over 21K msrp, but dealerships are ordering them with at least 1 package option, to make more $$$, Pak 3 with backup camera,cd,e tc….well, it adds 400-500 to dealership mark up , and what they get for the base is 1700 or so dollars…)with package 3(backup camera, and a few others minor items).
    shat msrp, but they are out there, if I were buying.And I personally have seen 50 MPG combined on a 2004 Prius with 45,000 on it….
    Edmudns can verify this, too, on there 2year 2004 aPrius with 42,000 on it(May 06 report, long term, ongoing until 100,000 miles).

    I don’t care how cool it looks, if it is 30K and a prius is 23K, and mileage is similar, etc, Prius wins! Honda was the first to release a Hybrid in USA, but they aren’t selling the most Hybrids now, are they?

    This odes look unique, like the Prius is unique(and, HATCH please like 2nd gen Prius has, would be helpful).

    I will give ’em a chance, but doesn’t Honda buy their parts from same place(in general) as Toyota(I read they do)soooo, if parts being equal…..Price/Range/MPG will be the determining factor of sales.

  7. “Would the Accord use the same body?”
    I don’t see why not. I don’t think honda will design a midsize sedan purely for a low volume hydrogen vehicle then do a similar size but different accord along side it. Remember when the new Civic came out last year? Everyone was shocked. It was such a huge leap forward from the previous generation. The new Accord will do the same thing.

  8. May I remind some of you that most of the prius design, especially the back section was first appeard on the CRX.

    To you who sell Nissan, it’s not the design that sell Honda like your Nissan, it’s their unbelieveable reliability. Some thing Nissan is still trying to figuer out.

  9. This is as forward thinking and avant garde as a 1987 Chrysler Intrepid. It’s not going to fly!!!!!

  10. Ahh, yes, the Intrepid. I actually did like that one, but was always amused at the way Chrysler patiently introduced the notion of revolutionary “cab forward” design to the public as though the public had never seen Hondas.

    Back to the car at hand, I think it is beautiful and might possibly replace my 18 year old CIvic.

    I know it is fashionable to deride hybrids and other new drivetrain technologies for not being the end-all in their first few iterations, but isn’t anyone thankful that the market and technology is being developed? People seem not to resent luxury cars for introducing expensive first generation technologies, why can’t expensive hybrids get the same pass?

  11. You guys are going to thing I’m crazy, but I like the Accord the way it is. At least on the outside. I haven’t exactly stepped into one yet!

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