In the streets of San Francisco

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Here is what the new Ford Edge looks like in the streets.

Of course it does look pretty nice. But it seems that they announced it so long ago…
It’s not even out yet and it’s almost already old news.

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  1. Vince, the cargo area seems very small from the outside, almost an after thought. This seems to be a growing trend in the new crossover segment these days. What’s the point in buying one of these if the cargo hold isn’t much bigger than a regular sized trunk in a sedan? Even small wagons from years ago had more cubic feet of cargo volume than the current crop does. What happened to versatility these days? Did it go out of style?

  2. Vince-Dood, this class of vehicle is the equivalent of a nice juicy cheeseburger – it ain’t s’posed to look like noovelle cwuizine. Imho it’s quite tasty!

  3. Not a bad looking vehicle.
    Too bad it comes with a Ford engine.
    Too bad it would probably built in Mexico with Chinesse parts.
    Too bad the it will come with the well know Ford quality.

    I stop buying Fords ten years ago because they only sell S#IT!!!

    Only my opinion guys, since it is my money being use when buying cars…

  4. What are the chances that this car possibly might share a platform with the mazda cx-7 ? they seems pretty similar in dimensions.

  5. It’s not on the same platform as the CX-7, but it will share a platform with the CX-9.

    And for the idiot above, it will not be made in Mexico, it is being assembled in Ford’s Oakvale, ON plant in Canada.

  6. The funny thing is, nobody actually living in San Francisco would be caught dead driving a ford SUV

    Good god that thing is butt ugly

  7. For the jerk @ff who called me an idiot.
    Hey jerk @ff, it doesn’t matter were it will be built. Ford was, is and will always be a S#it product.
    Unless you buying one S#it Ford for me, I don’t see me getting one.
    So don’t be a D!ck and call people names. Wake up, FORD and GM suck!!!

  8. Not bad, but it doesn’t have anything class leading either. Think about it, how can Ford expect to take market share by doing something similar to Honda and Toyota?

  9. When it came out, it looked just a bit ”edgy”, now it’s just boring. Unless they really blow our minds with these back lights.

  10. This is one of the ugliest cars of all time. Right up there with the asstek. 5 bucks says they’ll have to cancel it after 2 years in production due to poor sales. What the hell were they thinking?

  11. speaking of those back lights, 3:52, it just dawned on me that they resemble a shinier version of the subaru legacy’s!

  12. Very nice, glad they didn’t add the third row of seats, most don’t need that. Very nice looks, it will be hard to get one the first year or so I imagine.

  13. Ford had a large display of Edges behind the Hyatt Regency on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. There was also a “Private Event” there where guests (probably dealers) were piling on the food and drink while ordinary folks were excluded.

    You’d think the dopes at Ford would feed their captive animals in the Hyatt Hotel or out of view of the public that was excluded from their “Private Party.” Rude behavior, I think!

    But Ford is a classless company–the Edge looks like a decent vehicle, but why bother with Ford’s crap when better companies are flooding the market with these crossover things now?

  14. “Anonymous said…
    The funny thing is, nobody actually living in San Francisco would be caught dead driving a ford SUV”

    Yeah San Francisco has an army of pink and lime green Toyota Yari! (plural for yaris)

  15. Well, I live in San Francisco and I can tell you that there are plenty of Ford SUVs around here.

    And yes, Ford SUVs in San Francisco are just as obnoxious as Ford SUVs are everywhere else–road hogs driven by Sally Cellphone airheads and other ditzes with tiny brains.

  16. TO the idiot that called me a jerk off:

    If you’re going to trash a car company, at least get your facts straight. That’s pretty much the point I wanted to get across. You sound like a buffoon when you go off on something and you aren’t even armed with facts to support your jackassery.

    You are definitely entitled to your opinion on Ford, no question about that. Just try not sound like a fool next time.

    Thanks! 🙂

  17. Anonymous said… in production due to poor sales… ___WOW, your Mom gives you $5 to bet with!?! Wait a minute… does she know you’re doing that???

  18. Hey, its about the vehicles, not the company, not who drives them, not the fact that you had a flat tire on you chevy malibu and now you hate GM for life etc etc etc.
    Think interesting, informative, constuctive …….

  19. My bet is that people who think this is ugly think the Buick Rendezvous is nice. I like the Edge, and think the Lincoln version is even more attractive.

    Ford’s design in the mid to late eighties was generally good. Then by 96 i had big problems with the styling Ford repeatedly came up with. 94 Mustang? WTF. 95 Windstar? Worst looking minivan on the street. 96 Taurus? Killed the model.

    10 years later i pretty much like all of what Ford is churning out.

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