More pictures of the Chinese copies from “Greatwall”

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I hear they are already selling their Isuzu Axium copy SUV in Europe, so these smaller cars couldn’t be far behind.
No shame…

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  1. didn’t toyota recall even more than a million cars this year, and this current scion recall is over and above that. i wouldn’t be copying this years recall leaders

  2. The red car has nothing to do with a Toyota.
    These are just copies. Toyota has nothing to do with these cars.

  3. if you read the comments, no-one said they have anything to do with toyota, don’t be so quick to defend the undefendable. what was said was ” who would want to COPY toyota” in light of all their recalls

  4. Vince, Toyota of America has just announced that the Scion xA and xB will no longer be produced and shipped to North America after December of this year. New models with new designations will arrive sometime in the Spring of 2007! The Chinese copies are flirting with soon to be retired designs and 3 year old models at that! Scion wants to keep reinventing itself just like Madonna!

  5. I think all of the cars look great, i would rather drive these than the current scions on the market.

  6. Since no one mentioned it, I thought I might add that the rear of the red car is an exact copy of the Nissan Note

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