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I think it is pretty nice and will sell, if the price is right.
But the detailing is still way inferior to the Lexus RX, which they are claiming to compete with.

But the price should be closer to the Highlander.
And many people aren’t so picky and don’t notice a lot of the small details…

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  1. If it is the Azera of SUVs then it should sell very well. I’m sure it will be of great value. More car foe the money.

  2. I doubt this will be in the same price catagory as a lexus. That means you won’t get the same quality ingredients. You get what you pay for, most of the time.

  3. Why are you so facinated with this car? The interior looks nice, but the exterior is ugly in my opinion. Maybe not ugly, but very bland!

  4. This should make great competition against the Ford Edge and Mazda CX-9, as well as maybe the new GM Crossovers (the Lambda group – Acadia, Enclave, Outlook).

  5. I think Vince realizes that this is a critical car in Hyundai’s history and deserves the coverage. This is Hyundai’s true first entry into the luxury segment and large mid-large SUV class. IT will also be the most expensive Hyundai ever sold with transaction prices of 30-35K. The Azera was a nice step up for hyundai, but it is no luxury car, lacking many luxury touches as NAV, HID, and has a transaction price average of 25-28K. This Veracruz and the true upcoming luxury BH sedan will let Hyundai know if a new Luxury brand in the USA, under a different name will make sense in the next 3-5 years.

  6. That interior, while no Lexus, is quite excellent and easily matches or beats other mid-market CUVs from Nissan, Toyota, GM, Ford, and of course Chrysler. It is probably nicer in some ways than base-model BMWs, Cadillacs, and Infinitis.

    The outside is bland, but not flawed like the first Santa Fe. For import-preferring buyers, this car is the perfect excuse to not get an Edge or Outlook – both excellent and attractive propositions.

  7. All those beautiful interior trims that will never see the light of day, on US shores. Is hyundai required by US trade law to keep their options list “buick level” or something?

  8. I think we can just rename this site to

    Does Hyundai/Kia subsidize the Hollywood Extra?

    The coverage this site provides to these two brands is a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

  9. For what it is, it’s a fine automobile. But why do so many people buy a 7-passenger vehicle for what will likely be a single-occupant ride 90% of the time?

    It’s like drivng a school bus because you might need to haul your church youth group once a year.

  10. Hyundai, Kia, and Ford really need to lay off the two-tone paint. It’s tacky. Lexus finally figured that out, and all of their cars are now monochromatic.

  11. I love it. It looks like a Lexus RX, I mean Acura RDX, no wait Subura Tribecca, no the Infiniti FX, no maybe the Suzuki XL-7. These are just some of the comment from the various Veracruz posts. Either there is just so much you can do with SUV design, or Hyundai just created the only SUV that looks like every other SUV out there.

  12. These are good shots here. I appreciate the number of them too – there are a few I have not seen anywhere else. Besides, the ignition shot is priceless (though it would be even better if there was a misspelling :).

  13. Where did the dark door armrests and seamed leather in pics 3 and 4 go? In pic 4 they are light colored.

  14. Shameless rip of the RX both in exterior and interior, with some added Korean “weirdness”.

    This *does* look like a good car, and will likely be great value, but these days, consumers demand more than *just* value. Brand reputation along with style and performance are becoming more important.

    The new Highlander will smoke this in terms of performance, as well as refinement and fuel efficiency.

    But as another poster stated, this is a great crossover when compared to products offered by the American automakers.

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