No interior picture yet…

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But look at the shape of the rear headrests!
Is that even legal???

And why don’t we have any pictures of the interior yet?
The car is at the Paris show as we speak. But no one seem to have taken a shot of the interior…

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  1. Thanks for the pic.
    The interior seems pretty nice. Much better than the Sebring (at least on picture) and even better than the 300!
    This car might be a winner.
    I think most Americans would love to buy an American car . This might just be the one that might be able to actually fight the Accord /Camry crowd…

  2. you won’t get folks out of their camry’s and accord’s with a four speed auto for most of the fleet. americans aren’t stupid…but they are tired of being offered products that aren’t world-class by the ‘big 2.5’. plus i can get a better warranty almost anywhere else. chrysler needs a 5-speed auto transaxle fast.

  3. Dodge DEFINITELY is playing off the Caliber theme with that interior. Not bad at all.

    Can this thing really be related to that Sebring?

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