Toyota Auris TRD

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17 inch wheels and 200 hp from the new 1.8 liter engine with the help of a turbo.

Anybody wants one?

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  1. I dont know about the car but that engine needs to make it here maybe in the next xrs corolla/matrix twins the auris dont think will make it stateside with the matrix being our hatch.

  2. TRD is Toyota Racing Development. It’s been in use for a while, such as the TRD supercharger you can get on the Scion TC and I see a lot of older Tacomas and T100s that have a TRD logo on the rear of the bed.

    As for the Auris TRD, I actually like it if it has some handling prowess to go with the power. America needs more decent hatchbacks to replace the millions of lumbering SUVs on the road.

  3. Copying issues? The fact is that car companies are tied to their hands in terms of styling; rules& regulation, the weight distribution, and maximization of space. BTW, Toyota Racing Development have the largest budget for racing development, even bigger than big names like Ferrari Racing team, AMG, and Quattro. I guess retirees of TRD can seriously consider to run for the congress.

  4. I think this would be a good car to run around the city in, easy to park and good on gas. And yes, the Current VW Jetta looks like the outgoing Toyota Corolla. Unless you have no sense of styling at all or like VW (often these go hand in hand), you would realize it instantly.

  5. I’d buy one in an instance if it’s priced right (base=12K)
    Price it at 15K and more and I don’t why anyone would buy this (over the upcoming corolla)

    Then again, why not put the new 1.8L engine + SCVT-i inside a Scion Xa and call it a day?

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