2008 Buick Enclave (Production version)

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Pretty much exacly the same thing as what we saw last year.

I think it still looks very nice, and very much like what a Buick should be.
The interior is still a bit busy, with tons of, I guess, fake wood.
But a large, car based, 7 passenger SUV with a standard V6 with 275hp for about $28500 is pretty good.
The main competition to this one comes from Luxury car brands like Acura or Lexus.
For a lot more money.
Sure, it doesn’t seam to have some of the latest gadgets like keyless entry or bluetooth.
But its main problem will be its name: Buick.

Not many people under 70 would even consider the brand when shopping for this kind of car.
They will go to the local Acura 10 times before they can even think of stepping into a Buick showroom.
Right or wrong, that’s just the way it is.

But if a model can same a brand, it’s generally an SUV.
And this one, at least on paper, seems like a good one.

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  1. Vince, I think you mean “if a model can SAVE a brand”…

    But I will say…brand name or not…a good product at a good price will bring in buyers.

    I like this alot more than the Ford Edge…(yes, they are in a different class)

  2. It looks so modern, so American.

    It has the new more efficient V6.

    If priced right, it could be bring a lot of customers in..

    I want one, with the usual huge Buick incentive/discount 🙂

  3. Like the outside, gotta agree though, that is one busy interior. It reminds me of acura with buttons everywhere, merging materials all over, sometimes LESS IS MORE!

  4. This looks better than the concept model they showed last year, and I didn’t think that was possible! All that extra concept-car filigree is gone and the car has a really sleek look to it. If I needed a CUV this would be at the top of my list. This car will help put Buick back on the map.


  5. Very nice. Take out some of that fake wood, clean up and simplify the interior design, lose the chrome wheels and portholes on the hood and this could finally give the foriegn SUVs a run.

  6. “Gee, another gas-guzzler from GM. How original.”

    Gee, another fatuous comment about an American car company. How original. Like no other car company in the whole entire word builds “gas guzzlers”.

  7. I saw the Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia at the Phoenix Autoshow last week. Was able to sit in the Acadia. Both models look great on the outside, and the interior of the Acadia was really nice as well. The major problem? the second row seats are not comfortable at all. They sit very low to the floor, so there is no real thigh support and not enough leg room to stretch them out. It seems like a major flaw. The third row seats are even tighter. Several people there were very disappointed by such a major functional shortcoming. But they look great!

  8. Gee, another fatuous comment about an American car company. How original. Like no other car company in the whole entire word builds “gas guzzlers”.

    I said nothing about the country of origin, but of the saturation of the market with yet another gas hog. And the topic is a GM product, not another manufacturer’s. I stand by my previous post.

    For everyone else here, GM has styled a beautiful vehicle for this segment. I agree with several others that the interior is a tad busy, but sometimes a personal viewing changes my mind. The Saturn is just as attractive, but I think I remember seeing a similar interior.

  9. Very sharp design. Beautiful actually. If the veneer is genuine, then kudos GM! lf the wood is fake, then shame on GM. Fake wood is a conspicuous sign of cheapness and is not competitive with Lexus. It takes any car out of the running for me.

  10. GM seems to FINALLY be moving toward the kinds of cars that compete with import brands.

    The Buick Enclave looks great and the Saturn Aura is another winner, too.

    Let’s hope the upcoming new Chevys–especially the Malibu–look good next to their Honda, Toyota, and Nissan peers.

  11. Great job on the Enclave. If I was in the market for a new SUV, this would be the one I would get! I think it’s the nicest looking suv on the market.

  12. So that most know this or need an education, the Buick along with the platform sharing brothers have the best MPG of any vehicle in the segment, period. That means better than the Pilot, MDX. This vehicle misses the mark on Bluetooth but has every luxury item including remote start, heated fluid for wipers and HID headlamps with articulating ones optional, automatic grade shift, Bose system, OnStar turn by turn voice activated nav system and tilt backup mirrors. Why are so many complaining? Quality interior, state of the art transmission and engine with good fuel economy.

    Some time you can’t win for loosing and looser always complain…

  13. I don’t understand. The Enclave is buy far the best looking SUV/ CUV on the market. IT has the best MPG of any vehicle in its class, that includes the Pilot/ MDX or anything from Lexus, period. IT misses the mark with Bluetooth, but has HID articulating lamps, heated wiper fluid, automatic grade shift logic, voice activated touchscreen DVD nav, with OnStar turn by turn voice prompt directions, reverse tipping mirrors, Bose sound system etc. The interior is busy but very well excecuted, no quality glitches domestics have been know for. I think when it comes down to it, most just refuse to give any domestic brand credit, no matter how good it is.

  14. what is wrong with it? it has the best gas mileage of any CUV on the market, and quality is by far better than most. Can’t please those that reallly refuse to acknowledge that this is the best looking vehicle in the segment for thousands less that it competitors by far. Everytihing is state of the art, (just misses on bluetooth) God this thing even has not only 6 speed tranny, but articulating HID lamps, 2 types of nav systems and remote distant START VINCE.

  15. I saw the Enclave at the Chicago Auto Show last year and immediately liked it. Vince is right about the name. My parents owned Buick’s and I think of old people whenever I think of a Buick. I’ll at least give it a look when it comes out and maybe they’ll change my perception for good.

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