2008 Nissan Altima coupe

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Even though the top picture doesn’t look that great, this might be a really good looking car in person.

Unfortunately, it only goes on sale next summer.
engines are the same as the sedan.
2.5 Liter cars will get 16 inch wheels while the V6 get 17 inch.
Models will be: 2.5 S 6MT, 2.5 S CVT, 3.5 SE 6MT, 3.5 SE CVT.

The coupe is 7 inches shorter than the sedan, along with a shorter wheelbase by 4 inches.
It is also not as tall, by 2.5 inches.

Equipment and options seem to mirror the sedan.

It will compete directly with the Accord coupe, which should also be all new around the same time.

But Toyota will be on the Solara’s last year in production. I hear another car based on the Camry will kind of replace it.
Let’s hope it is another coupe. or a hardtop convertible.
It would be strange for Toyota to be absent from this market.

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  1. rumor central has it that by 08(calendar year) Hyundai will have a Sonata Coupe(and I bet it will be less MSRP than any other makers Coupe).
    And an auto-manual shifter, 5 speed? What’s not to like?

    This Looks Good, but Nissan has a tendency these days(as do many other automakers) to keep the best stuff for the top()expensive) model.
    Example: for Civic… If I want a facotry sunroof, and cruise, I MUST buy the top model(as the base model includes None of these times, even as an option, and the mid-range 17K plus model only get cruise, and to get cruise, sunroof, only on the 19K model… which is a rip-off, ya ask me).

    Look at Nissan Sentra. it is fair priced, but in order to get what I mentioend above…. Top Model Only. Not Cool.
    Wish they would do the old school way, one model, you add options.
    If you wanted to pay top dollar ot load up the model, fine., If not , fine.. if ya wanted a(example) 15,199 civic, but with sunroof and cruise…. add them on(probably then the car would only be 16,500 or something, vs 19,000, due to extra junk they add, which I care Nothing about).

    Quit playing games, and price things one price, then you add whatever you want.

    Until then, not really interested.

    Sorry for the rant…. but some people don’t have 20K for a 16,599(worth)of car, no matter what it is.

  2. This one looks good if its price is right but the front design looks so-so. The rear design may look better with a spoiler. Wanna see the performance figure to compare with G35 coupe but it should be difference since this is not FM platform. The VQ engine and tranny might be using same line as G35 though.

  3. This thing looks like an Infiniti G35 wannabe. But it still looks cheap. You get past the bling in much of Nissan’s stuff and it is cheap. Did the pre-order for a 2003 350Z when they were first offered, but was very disappointed in the car after the initial new wore off — it, too, looked good from the outset, but after living with it’s tacky interior for 6 months and suspension problems that couldn’t be corrected, I said bye bye and bought an S2000. The S is a nice balance between appearance and some level of quality.

  4. Toyota solara was an ugly, poor handling piece of camry!. this is a true sports coupe, w/ all the panache you are looking for!

  5. That chip/buck tooth grill on these new nissans is just plain old ugly. And the worst part is theyre putting it on ever car, max, altima, altima coupe, and sentra. I saw a new altima this morning black 3.5 fully loaded, the front was disgusting. The pictures for this look aweful.

    Please dont let them fcuk up the 350 with this grill

  6. i normally hate when people do this and normally totally disagree but i would have to say that this thing looks like a honda accord coupe especially that top picture, the lines, the grill shape, it looks just like the accord….does anyone else think so?

  7. This is the all new Silvia S16 for Japan and Europe!!! Silvia is back!!!
    Thanks Nissan for this beauty!!!

  8. Rear 3/4 angle reminds me of a Monte Carlo. Bad move, Nisso.

    Also, the body just seems too curvy-wurvy. I am sure the top-end model in black, with dubs will look pretty good though.

  9. ugly!

    it doesn’t even come close to looking as good as a S15/16!

    Looks like a sedan, with 2 doors and a saggy trunk/back-end.

    The front, oh, spare the humanity… that accord grille copy is ugly, at least try to copy a decent grille from an Acura TSX or something

    Nissan design keeps getting worse & worse, yikes!

    Gives new meaning to the term: butt-car

  10. This car looks NOTHING like an Accord coupe or [vomit] the Monte Carlo. Have any of you fools actually seen it in person? The new Altima engine and transmission is way better than anything torqueless Honda could ever put together and looks way better than the ultrabland designs they are putting out these days

  11. thats tru honda lacks torque whereas brilliant nissan has came up with what tacky cheap materials that are for nothing more than show. By 15k miles i’d have to redo my crappy plastic interior, more likely than not with a bag that i checked outta k-mart with, even then I may overdo what came out of their so called factory. But then on the other hand i could also buy a “torqueless honda” and laugh histerically when I see one of you fools that love nissans so much just because i know the plastic that is my interior isnt falling to shambles after my right hand turn out of the dealership. Not to mention a honda pretty much can run forever while I see nissan owners recycle their cars faster than a homeless man can fill a bag of cans.

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