Chery R3

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Again, a Chinese car we might get over here.

It does look pretty decent. Sort of a blend between the Euro Focus and the Mondeo.
Available in China with 1.3, 1,6 and 2.0 liter engines.

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  1. Le québécois.

    They seems to develop a lot of platform in the same time. Maybe because they copy/paste other model. But maybe the reliability and the safety will not be there…..

  2. This is actually a nice looking car, even though it does emulate the Euro Focus & new Mondeo. If the quality is there with a good warranty & dealer service to back it up this car just might actually sell here in the U.S.

  3. yes, and some a$$ are nicer looking than others. Example: Ashton Martin. =)

    I remember you posted another Chinese Concept vehicle a while back also with the rear door handle cut into the C-pillar. could this be based off that car?

  4. That’s about right, that car’s ass looks just like Opel Kadett aka Pontiac Le Mans, in Europe released in 1984… Ass swap.?.

  5. That’s about right. The car’s ass lokks just like Opel Kadett (Pontiac Le Mans), in Europe released in 1984… Ass swap !?!

  6. Vince,
    I think it’s important for you to point out that these are Chinese market only cars.
    It seems there is little if any copyrwright protection in China, and more importantly, Chinese cars are much less safer and don’t nearly meet US crash standards.
    Also, they are far more polluting than current US standards allow. It’s very doubtful these cars could be sold in California (their biggest market) for quite some time.
    China just doesn’t have the technological capability (yet, and I stress YET) to meet current US crash and emission specs.
    Add that and the fact that there is currently a 300 MILLION person market at home and I guarantee you, you won’t see a Chinese car here for at least 5 years.


  7. We cannot get the euro focus but hell, we’ll get the chinese copy. Now when the euro focus will come to the us, some people will think it’s coppying the chinese rip off…

  8. If this said” Korean” or “Italian” or “Japanese” or even “German” or “British” car on it, you’d all be “wow, great, I can ‘t wait. Wonderful styling”, blah, blah, blah.
    As for saftey? Chery is nto here in USA yet, BEcause they have to meet USA saftey and Emission standards( do you guys Know anything? Or do you just like ot run your mouthes?).

    If anything is sold in USA, it MUST meet minimal standards. That is the reason Chery is not here yet(I am repeating this for the people who are hard of learning).

    Mr Bricklin said in a interview last month that Chery;ser’s small Chery built cars will be out by 2008(probably 3rd qtr) and their cars at the end of 08, and early 09.
    Too bad they aren’t read now!
    Also, Go To…. saturday, look up the news on GM might sell Chinese or Polsih built cars in USA in 2years.

    SOoooo, Too Bad.

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