IS gets 5 star in European crash tests.

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A great score.
But within the 5 star rating, the Citroen C5 and Alfa 159 did even better…

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  1. The IS is a decent car. A friend recently got one and although they dont offer the dynamic edge of some euopean cars, the amount of equipment and general luxury you get per dollar is awesome! The base model gets leather, heated seats, mp3 cd, ipod jack and all that without being expensive options. It dosent sound terribly good and its not that fast, but the sport button under the steering wheel means that it can be a bit of fun, especially in the high end of the rev band.

  2. cool!
    but not relevant to me (and everybody in the US)

    do you know how does it do here in the US?

    Also, comparison with similar cars like BMW 335 would make more sense, don’t you agree?

  3. I just traded my ’06 IS250 for an ’07 G35S. The G35S is so much more car for the Money. I looked at a IS350 but for the same money I paid for the G,the IS250 with LESS equipment would have been MORE!! Not to mention the 350!! Plus Lexus asked me to bend over on the Trade but Infiniti was very reasonable. Plus the G is a little larger and you can actually use the back seat. The IS back seat is for kids with no legs if you’re over 5’5″!!

  4. Citroen and Alfa did better than a five? What’d they get, a six? 😉

    Douchebag Jones said…

    us cars are still safer becas e they use a much thicker us made metal

    I’d be interested in seeing actual proof of your claim.

  5. This is the way I love to see Toyota vehicles, smashed up against a wall.

    Kidding… sort of. Actually, I really do like the Lexus IS and the new LS.

  6. “cool!
    but not relevant to me (and everybody in the US)

    do you know how does it do here in the US”


    Not relevant? Seems you don’t know much at all about crash tests.

    Euro tests such as Euro NCAP are more strict and harder to score good on than NHTSA, and even IIHS tests here in the States. Compared to Euro crash tests, NHTSA tests are actually a joke.

    So this is *very* relevant to US buyers, specifically those in the market for a global car.

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