New Ford navigation system and “iPod plug”

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Ford offers an all new Navigation system for most of their 2007 models.
A 6.5 inch touchscreen.
Something I didn’t know…
You can get it on the Fusion/Milan and even the Mustang. (The 500/Montego and the F150 too…)
And their new radio comes standard with a plug for an MP3 player.
Or Sirius option so you can listen to Stern on the way to work.

It might not mean much, but I think it makes the Fusion/Milan an even more attractive offering.
The Sonata still does not offer any of these options

They’d better keep improving the cars. I guess the new 3.5 Liter will make it next year.
The competition keeps getting tougher. With the new Altima out, and an all new Accord next year…

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  1. Vince, where did you hear that the new 3.5 L V6 will make it into the Fusion/Milan next year? I keep hearing conflicting information about that. All I know is that they better get that engine in there quick. The competition is heating up.

    If they put the 3.5 in the Fusion and add stability control, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

  2. Ya know navigation is kewl but how much are you really gonna use it ? id have to say 95% of your weekly driving is always the same (work-store-home) and if you are out exploring on the weekends getting lost is half the fun ! call me old fashioned but i use maps, i pull over to look at them and dont take my eyes off the road for 5 minutes looking at a little screen that is being shined on by the sun and ya cant see it anyway ! and would never pay for a navi unit till the price comes way way down, i also find it annoying, turn left in 300 feet, turn right now, yikes ! ill drive my dang car thank ya very much little voice ! and im so sick of ipod this and ipod that, geeze these manufactures act like if they dont offer ipod intergration they may as well not sell cars ! ipod and navi 2 gimmicks/fads that arent going away, as accidents increase due to more and more innattention to what you are supposed to be doing (driving ur dang car) I also want a bumper sticker that says “YOU ARE IN A VEHICLE NOT A PHONE BOOTH” …. so tell that officer when ya cause a pile up on the freeway that you where searching for a song on your ipod while staring at a address on your navi unit and you where on the cell phone with your kids and driving was the last thing on your mind !

  3. Or Sirius option so you can listen to Stern on the way to work.

    That’s a good reason not to buy the Sirius option, but I don’t see the iPod plug.

  4. You can’t see the iPod plug on this picture obviously.
    But it is now standard on all Fusion/Milan, Mustang, 500/Montego.
    Even without the navigation.
    It might be lower on the console or maybe next to the shifter….

  5. I like aftermarket nav that can be cheaper than factory installed -and- removable for city street parking.

    MP3/auxiliary jack is good though. Cheap to put in, and no more adapters/

  6. I find navigaton systems extremely useful. However this looks chintzy as far as factory systems go. I really like the interiors in the MKZ, Fusion, Milan. But Ford really needs to upgrade their corporate audio units big-time.

  7. I totally agree with the previous anonymous poster. Ford needs to completely overhaul their production sound systems. The Shaker 500 system in my 06 Mustang sounded like crap and Ford iPod integration option was a joke. I ended up replacing it with an Alpine system.

    At least GM systems sound half way decent.

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