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I think it looks very nice.
But so does the Edge…
Same problem with the Zephyr/MKZ. Although the Fusion looks better.

Will anyone go for this instead of a Lexus or Infinity???

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  1. how does it drive? it’s a truck with blind spots.
    Try navigating that through a crowded mall parking lot.

  2. A lot of trucks have blind spots; the MKX is no worse (though better than some). It’s not rocket science to know where the 4 corners of your vehicle are. If one can’t figure that out they should ride the bus and let someone more capable handle the driving.

    That being said, if the quality, drivability and price are right, the MKX will sell. It is a nice looking vehicle, though I’d like to see it in black with black leather.

  3. Anonymous said…

    how does it drive? it’s a truck with blind spots.
    Try navigating that through a crowded mall parking lot.

    People do it everyday in their Lexuses.

  4. It does not look like anyone else on the market which is a good thing, i admire the orginality of most ford products.

  5. I think it is nice looking but i liked the tail lights that was in it at the auto show compared to what is in it now.This is just an example of certain things that should not change when you want to attract newer customers,if it is not a highly experimental type of item it should not be too hard to make it to the product. I also read a disclaimer on the mks picture that said “appearance of the vehicle subject to change.” Now, may i ask WHY? Don’t keep teasing with nice prototypes and pushing out the opposite.k

  6. Outside looks terrific.

    But I’m not sure about the interior. It’s definitely distinct, but it lacks attention to design-detail. It’s a shame because it does use real wood.

    Well, at least Ford is not blatantly ripping off Lexus interior like GM has been doing for years, starting with their cadillac.

  7. Hmm, it seems there is no
    *HID headlights
    *flip key or keyless access
    *Sirius traffic alert
    *rearview camera
    *available DVD entertainment system WITH panoramic sunroof

    So much for being a luxury vehicle…

  8. i think it is nice looking interior and exterior, not sure someone interested in the fx would like this car, but maybe the rx, or mdx. i imagine that this thing will be cheaper than those cars also judging by the zephr. but what cadillac desighn looks anything similar to a lexus, not even close on any car line ever, not saying cadillac interiors are all that nice they arent especially the horrid srx (o6 07 is very nice) and cts, but neither look like anything on the market the desighn at least was creative if not overdone.

  9. I think it is really nice and happy to hear it was from an American car. But I think Mazda might have helped
    with the platform development.
    I dont really see any blind spots,

  10. The CX-9 is a better luxury car than this! It has Bluetooth, 5.1 surround sound, 20″ wheels, a larger navigation screen, voice recognition, backup camera, LED taillights, HID headlights, manual mode, etc. Plus, it’s cheaper!

  11. Like Acura isn’t Honda with drag. When you are short on cash, you have to live with what you got, not what you want. But still, I can’t find a reason to buy it instead of the new SRX or MDX.

  12. This will sell…I think although Ford wants to attract younger buyers, a certain group of folks always end up with it…the older folks…this is their way of keeping up with the joneses or doing what is new and hip. They probably wouldn’t notice the lack of the necessary gadgets…bluetooth and the likes.
    Remember how the Lincoln LS was supposed to steal sales from BMW etc and it didn’t? It did well IMO but it attracted a different crowd.

  13. I like it,but some of these options sited by someone is pretty much offered on every auto or truck, so i would suspect those options did make it to this vehicle.

  14. Ugly.
    Does anybody ever take their SUV poser mobiles off road anymore or have we completely given up on even pretending anymore? And they wonder why ford stock is trading in the $8 range. Well heres the answer. Where is their 40mpg car?

  15. Does anybody ever take their SUV poser mobiles off road anymore or have we completely given up on even pretending anymore?

    Then there is the opposite: Posers driving real SUVs who never take them off road. All the Tahoes, Range Rovers, Land Cruisers, etc. that I see are driven by trophy wives talking on cell phones while navigating around the Starbucks parking lot. 😉

  16. it dosn’t look to bad(although a waterfall grill like on the lincoln truck would make it mch more appealing. i priced one online yesterday and fully loaded with navi and pano roof came to $48k CDN. that’s basically in the ball park of the murano(the murano does offer a few extra features for a slightly higher price), the basic rdx etc. in many aspects, this lincoln is larger than many of it’s competitors expecially in second row leg room(at the sacrifice of some front row leg room). i think this thing is going to sell MUCH better than the aviator tried to and defenitly will be more appealing to previous buyers of the NAVIGATOR(since the new desgin is kind of controversial) especially with the new punchy 3.5 v6 and six speed auto match up. and well if these new products don’t work for ford… well then they’re pretty much screwed.

  17. Well, the 40 mpg car is at the same place as all the others. In our dreams because no one is trying to produce them and make it practical to have them.I agree that the grill should be better but, we have to crawl before we walk!

  18. I saw this car outside the Oakville, Ontario, Canada Ford Plant. A few months ago. It looked pretty nice, but not amazing. I don’t think it can take on the competition unless it is really cheaper.

  19. Why do you need a flippy-key thing? Those only add cost to the price of.. everything. The CUV market is stupid to begin with. Its for people who want to get out of the SUV that they’re driving because they didn’t want to drive a minivan.

    As for the 40mpg car: its here, and its Japanese. The Honda Civic, both the 1.8 and 1.3 liter versions get over 40 miles to one gallon of dead dino-juice.

  20. It looks somewhat average, nothing that conveys any high degree of sophistication or luxury. The lumpy, plastic interior is a turnoff, and the rotund ball-like exterior design looks a bit dated already.

  21. Vince, it’s “Infiniti”. How is that so many people get that wrong? Infinity is the word and the sound system. Infiniti is the car brand.

  22. they trash anything american! Stop taking opinions from every one else,if you like something go with it, that is your style and it is not for them to like. You don’t buy things for them to like but what you like. Except for a serious safety issue then think twice!

  23. Motor Trend trashing it or not, it still is overweight, which will hurt the performance and fuel economy. Please Detroit, learn how to shave the excess weight off.

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