Roewe Hybrid, already?

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There is a hybrid version of the new 750 at the Roewe display from the Chinese auto show.
And they plan to produce it by 2008. Just like the Toyota system it can run 100% electric at low speed.

I wonder if the have any intentions to enter the US market anytime soon. But the 750 isn’t bad looking. A 1.8 Liter turbo, a small V6 and a Hybrid would seem pretty competitive as well.

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  1. Too bad Brickland is such a fool these days( he could sell these)?
    see link:

    says he is Not gonna import Chery cars now(?)….

    He is looking elsewhere, and wants a Chinese company(chery, and 2 others are in the running to build his cars)to build his stuff.

    Maybe is he started Upscale(said he did not really want to sell start out selling 10-15K cars)…..
    He could let Rowe sell them through his 50 dealerships he has signed up alread, perhaps( who knows?)
    He could just take a cut?
    he was a distributor(or was gonna be, anyways) for Chery cars, in general.
    How would they sell them in USA, otherwise, anytime soon, these Rowe’s? I wish they would get here in a few years, though, one way or another.
    They sound interesting.

  2. Todd Short: You’re successful( a shot a bricklin) entrepreneur? How many MILLIONS ya made(liek Bricklin, when he sold SUBARU… he’s the one who got ’em here in the USA, in the late 60’s, genius).
    Glad ya know it all.

  3. Jason said…
    What’s this? an Audi Hybrid…LOL

    2:54 PM
    Ya might not be laffin if they sell 30,000 a year in the USA, for 20-25K msrp.
    the Chinese will be here, but not before 2009-10(unless you count Chrysler, or Chevy Equinox V6 ).

  4. I always liked a few models of Rover cars, and this is one of them. Love the look, but quality is what will determine if it’s sucessful. BTW, selling a few hundred thousand or millions doesn’t automatically mean you are sucessful, it just means you can sell.

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