2008 Cadillac CTS

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What a small Cadillac should be.

But whay show it in red first???

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  1. It should drive great, the platform recevied lots of praise in the last gen, now this one hwas wider tracks (1.8/2 inches f/b) and a strut tower brace. Also, 6 speeds auto aor manual r on every model and awd is available, and the top engine has 300hp (258 is base) and runs on regular gas.

  2. This is great. The CTS was one of the only GM designs that I liked. This is a good evolution. But red isn’t a good color on it. It looks so much better in Silver.

  3. This is what all the hype and secrecy was about ??? From the outside it looks like they just revised the front headlights and added the “vents” to the front fenders. Why add those vents when they serve no purpose ?? Another disappointment from GM. The interior looks like it was copied from a Lexus, no originality but then again this is GM. This styling theme that Cadillac is on is starting to look old already, the CTS, DTS, and STS all look the same.

  4. What’s wrong with showing it in red first Vince?

    I’m sure the Royal or Navy blue versions will look nice too…

    Very nice.

    People will have to reconsider their opinions about GM in the near future. This looks like it can compete.

  5. Cadillac is back!

    And with Mercedes’ lousy service record, it’s probably as good as the C-Class in most respects.

  6. more: what a NOT SO SMALL Cadillac should be. Hey, it’s always good for a chuckle, seeing CaddyFans comparing the bigger than a 5’er CTS to the 3’er 😀

  7. Major improvement on all styling accounts. I especially like the new front grill treatment, the crisp rear fender line that cuts back into the c-pillar, and the interior is much fresher and attractive than the previous model’s den of depression.

    Not a car I’d want because they’ve been trouble-prone, but I wish Cadillac success with this CTS.

  8. Hrmm…. I liked it much better when it was covered in veil with only the headlight and grill showing. The whole body is somewhat disappointing… The trunk is just way too tall, and the rear door looks so tiny. The design would’ve worked much better if they extended the rear-door by 4 inches.

    Maybe it will look better in person. But still an improvement over the current model.

  9. This is very sharp. Cadillac struck a good balance between refined modern design and athletic proportion. This also shows that GM is quickly (unexpectedly) becoming one of the leaders in designing high-quality interiors. Who would have thought? This is the first Cadillac in my lifetime that I can say appears to be a complete and thoroughly though-out offering.

    By the time CTS-V is announced, depending on how good it is, I’ll probably be in the market for one. It’s either this or an S4. But I’m not sure if I can live with that Audi quality. Cadillacs will run forever.

  10. SCORE!!!
    GM and the Cadillac team have done exceedingly well so far…now lets see how it drives.
    Smart, very smart move to offer the manual, I hope they have the balls to offer the CTS-V with a manual, in which case I would most likely consider buying one seriously for the first time.
    This car is a vast improvement over the last one and it looks awesome.

    BTW: poster 9:46…you should get your eyes checked. Seriously.

    There has been talks about moving this upmarket to compete with the 5 series…STS with the 7 and the DTS…will die soon. IF they can fill the void with a 3 series/C class sized competitor worthy enough, it will work. That BLS BS they tried to pull in Europe was a total failure. I hope they learn from it.

  11. It looks somewhat like a big BLS….which isn’t a bad thing. The BLS is an attractive car, as is this CTS….

  12. very nice looking car, and oh yeah vince if you want to see it in a different color caranddriver.com has a pic of a silver one. the interior is nice, and “unique” how this wide of a dash it looks like the narrow all silver dash of the last g35 i dont know. and to the person that said it is trouble proned consumer reports actually recommends this car one of few “american” cars they do the last one was a huge success for cadillac as far as sales its on the top 10 best selling cars list (forbes, along with 2 other cadillacs), so im sure this much improved version will be to. it took alot of cues from the sixteen, the clean surfaces and the new front end..and compared to what the competition is offering as far power for the base cars its ahead 258hp compared to 215 in the is

  13. Actually, let hope that by the time they offer the CTS-V they have a DSG equivalent for the transmission. I’m looking forward to driving an American car again!

  14. Am I the only one that seems to think the rear doors looks smaller and the c-pillar seems very odd ?

  15. The interior is beautiful, love that centre stack. Thanks God they got rid of that HP Pavilion desktop computer from the centre.

    The front is nice, the rear is horrid.

    Overall it’s probably the first caddy that I would’nt mind driving. So a definate step forward for GM.

    I’m glad they’re putting more emphasis on the car market and actually improving their products, cause whether I would ever buy one is besides the point, the auto world needs GM. Cause too many people’s livelihood depends on it.

  16. The front end looks a bit strange but it is one of those cars I would have to see in person to make a proper judgement. If they (finally) have the suspension sorted out, this could be a really good car. Now for long-term reliability….

    The old HP desktop center console was horrid wasnt it 🙂 Wouldnt it be a kick if GM gets known for its great interiors… It would be like Porsche making an SUV or something.

  17. drop all the bullshit, this is exactly the same car. if you would post the old cts with the title new cts, no body would know the difference

  18. Go here to see a video of the car on the road:Edmunds also has video and a write-up although it’s not driving around in that video.

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