2008 Ford Five Hundred

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I always thought it wouldn’t take that much to make the big Ford a really nice car.
The main complains I had driving the Freeestyle last year was the weird feeling the really bad CVT.
But maybe that is fixed with the new 3,5 Liter engine.

It is too bad they didn’t spend more money inside. The interior really need something better. But at least the fake wood looks much better, and I love the tan/black combo on these pictures.

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  1. The interior of the 500 is fine. It’s roomy, nicely laid out and has nice sight lines. While the exterior now has more of a family resemblance to the Fusion, the new 3.5L will make all the difference. Overall the 500 is a nice full-size car that has gotten a lot of unwarranted criticism of its design.

  2. Whoever at Ford thought that the front end would be an improvement needs to be taken behind the woodshed and either flogged or shot. I’m not digging the implementation of the new corporate face on this car. There was a photoshopped image of the revised 500 floating around some time ago that looked MUCH better than this. It looks even more dated (and I didn’t think that was possible). At least it’s got the 3.5

  3. The 500 has always had a nice design. It looks like an old passat but this design ages well.

    I’m not sure the new front helps. I don’t think it really matches the rest of the car. A more agressive grill, headlights, backlights and bumpers would have done the trick I think. The new bumper is too square or me. But I need to see it in person.

    The new interior is superb. The new 3.5L will really help improve sales as this was a major complaint on the old car. (from what I read)

  4. i think it’s an improvement on a car that people have overly criticized for its style. but it also reminds me of the previous M45 from the squarish front end and the previous generation avalon in the shape of the lights in that 3/4 front view shot. but overall i’ve always liked the 500 because of its simplicity.

    i agree that there should be more stylish/aggressive taillights.

    does anyone know if this is a “mid-cycle refresh” that will get replaced by a redesign in 2-3 years? or will it soldier on for another 4-5??? With the way ford is going, it (unfortunately) seems to be the latter.

  5. Probably a comfortable car because it’s tall for a sedan, but the style is dull as dishwater.

    The doors look like they belong on a refrigerator because they’re so plain with no rub strip that should be on ALL cars–seems that rub strips are absent from most cars these days and the body shops must love it!

    This car was designed by the person who was hired from Audi and that’s why its windows are Audi-shaped.

    But the 500 is a Ford trying to look Audi-ish and the result is clumsy and cheap. The new front end makes no difference because the car’s overall style is beyond saving.

  6. New grille on an ugly big car, boring too. How can you be in charge of Ford’s revival and allow this to get to production stage. It’s just as easy to draw nice lines as it is to draw ugly lines. The designer of this car should be shot!

  7. believe it or not they dont speak english, at least not very well or broken. that is sad someone said build it in china and they would buy one. this is were our counrty is going as far as the trust in what our counrty produce. it wont be long when all you can afford is a car from korea for about 4000 dollars. just think of it, a world full ugo’s!

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