Altima Hybrid price

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It starts at $24 400 and does qualify for a $2350 tax credit.
That means a loaded one could still be under $29 000, before the credit.

The Camry Hybrid is over $2000 more!
With its good look and nice interior, the Altima seems to be a great deal.
Most Camry Hybrid owners report real life mileage of around 37mpg or more.
The altima should get pretty much the same.

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  1. That is a good deal if you can buy one for that price, my local toyota dealer here in so cal as over 30 prius hybrids and everyone of them is at 29k or more…

  2. I just went to a couple of Toyota dealers last week and their Camry Hybrids were at MSRP.
    They did have a base one on the lot.
    Even the Prius was MSRP. And carsdirect has almost a $2000 discount on it.

    I think if you look around, Hybrids can be a good deal.
    Although I wouldn’t want to keep one more than 7 or 8 years.
    I wouldn’t wnat to be stuck with a bill for new batteries…

  3. Nissan’s technology is more advanced than Toyota’s technology and you save more with the Nissan.

    Great quality, reliablity and price
    RIP Toyota Camry Hybrid

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