Fake BMW M3 photo

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Or “illustration”.
I think this one comes from the magazine “Car”.
Which put it on the cover a while ago…

By the way, has anyone see the new 3 series coupe on the road?
I have been surprised to see so many already, and I think they look great.
And they already have some really good lease deals on them.
Pretty amazing.

I think if I was in the market I would seriously consider the 328 Coupe (335 is just too much power for me)

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  1. Too much power? I would be thrilled to get something as technologically advanced as the 335.

    Performance of an M3 with the price of 3 coupe? I don’t think anyone can top that.

    However, regardless of engine, BMW finally made good use of the “Bangle-ized” styling with the coupe.

  2. I hate the rear design on this new m3. Is it that hard to put the license plate BETWEEN the taillights?!? now it looks like the car some aftermarket import-tuner wannabe who shaved the trunk badging off of his civic.

  3. The 3 series Coupe is a plenty here on North Shore Long Island.
    ANd the deals are on the 328 there is 3 month wait for 335 coupes at my dealer. Can’t wait to get my 328 this summer.

  4. hey vince!

    i’ve seen a few 3Coupes around here when i drive thru pasadena and silverlake and they look great in person. photos don’t do them justice – they make the coupe look plain.

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