MG back from the dead in China???

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The Chinese owners claimed last year they would start selling cars within the next 2 years, under the MG name.
And that would include the US. The were even mentioning a US factory.

I never heard of anything since.
But these pictures (I think) taken in China show they are really working on something…

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  1. Just awful. The MG, when owned by the Brits, was a flawed and quirky vehicle. Given that it’s an old design and an outdated vehicle, I doubt the Chinese will be able to improve upon it.

  2. That’s the MG TF, it’s had a few facelifts and revisions over the years, but the basic design is over 10 years old. The model shown here looks exactly the same as it was when Rover folded.

    According to an episode of Top Gear fomr a year or so ago that’s what the plan was: the Chinese company that bought the Rover name would just sell the old MG TF all over the world.

    Might not be such a bad idea, I’d imagine an old design with Chinese manufacturing would make car would be pretty cheap at this point. An attractive 2 seat roadster for base model Civic money might do quite well, even if it is an old, it’s not old to the US. If they try to sell it for Miata money though, you’d be crazy to buy one.

  3. but i thought they cannot use the MG nor Rover name anymore, didn’t they change it to Rowe or something like that?

    ugly or not, if it’s price right ($10k-$15k imo), it will sell… anything more, good luck!

  4. Up to something? Why are these cars covered in a thick layer of dust? That should be a hint of what’s happened to MG.

  5. These cars have been sitting around for a long while. I think it’s a safe bet that not much is happening with them. Thank goodness. The best of British/Chinese engineering… just what the world doesn’t need.

  6. It was a stupid idea anyway. It’s over for MG… let it rest in peace, rather than be bastardized by the Chinese. An MG is more than just a name.

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