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A really good looking car.
This should be bad news for the IS, G35 crowd…

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  1. This is the car that will make people stop laughing about GM products.

    I can’t wait to see it and smell it in person.

  2. Better looking than before, but the rear is still as plain as ever. The Lexus IS and Infiniti G35 crowd does not have to worry until reliability increases, fuel efficiency gets better and resale values firm up. Sorry, but, Cadillac is not there yet. But, they are in the right direction.

  3. I don’t know what the last poster is driving, but as the owner of a 2006 Lexus GS,I would absolutely consider the new CTS as its replacement. And I think the new rear end is one of the strongest elements of the design. Buying something that offends the “Germans and Japanese are superior crowd” also has its attractions. And the reliability issue is a joke; to those of us whose car buying experiences go back to the ’70’s, all modern cars are ridiculously reliable. Put another way, the Lexus’ immediate predecessors were two Porsche 911’s, about as unreliable as cars get nowadays. It was never an issue.

  4. Minus the steering wheel, the interior looks absolutely amazing!

    The exterior looks good…although I don’t know if I would be able to tell this new design from the current one on the street.

  5. This car looks great. The only fault I can find is with the C-pillar and the angle of the back door glass. It looks out of the 80s to me. Other than that I think it looks great and should do well against the G35 and I never thought I’d say that about a GM product.
    Keep it up GM.

  6. The steering wheel looks straight out of a Jaguar XKR convertible/coupe. A notable improvement overall for a once-cheesy looking vehicle.

  7. “I am curious how it will compare to other entry luxury sedans. Edmund’s ranked it dead last a few years ago. Any guesses?”

    Yeah, but think about Cadillac back in 2003… they had just introduced the CTS after a series of entry-lux failures. So while Cadillac (a stodgy brand just a few years ago) entered this segment aggressively, they weren’t 100% confident they knew what they were doing. And they were right. The interior was typical 90s era GM and the 6cyl engine offerings weren’t competitive until 2006. With the introduction of the CTS-V, it held its own when it was compared to the M3 and the S4, even though the Caddy was larger and has a usable back seat. Seeing how on-target GM has been with some of their most recent launches lately, I think we can expect this new CTS to be a winner. At least I hope that’s what happens.

  8. Anonymous said…

    I think they overdid the aluminum in the center stack.

    I wonder what it would look like in wood.

  9. I really think that this design (the softening of the edgy look that is current) will translate well to the STS. Hopefully Caddilac will evolve their models instead of dumping previous design language every 5 years like the rest of GM does. The only other division within GM that seems to be consistent is the truck division. The cars seem to be totally new every 4-5 years except for the names. Damn that has to be expensive. The original CTS got me really excited; too bad I didn’t need that big of a car 3 years ago. Now that I have 2 additions to the family things may be different next year.

  10. Awesome. There are more Cadillac CTS videos over at Yes, there is a lot to be said for buying a car just to make those people who loathe the fruit of their own country miserable.It’s sad it has to be like that. But no biggie.Thanks Vince!

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