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Will there ever be another Celica?
The coupe market seems to be coming back, at least for US cars.
In a couple of years we’ll have new Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers.
The old Celica was basically a Japanese answer to these cars.

This illustration looks pretty nice, but I think the Hybrid concept from this year’s Detroit show might be closer to what we’ll get from Toyota.

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  1. The only way to sell a lot of 4 cylinder coupe these days is to make them rear wheel drive and maybe even turbo charged. I am surprised no manufacturer is selling this setup already.

    I know quite a few people who would love this mix…

  2. Not to contradict you Vince, but I think the Supra was more of a competitor against the Mustang, Camarao, et al. Granted, there was the Celica Supra for some time in the 80s, but the most recent Celicas had HP ratings of around 180hp while the most recent Supras were around 300hp or so. I’d say the latter was a true sports car vs. the former which is more like the current Tiburon. But that’s just the way I look at it.

  3. The Celica doesn’t need to come back. Toyota has the Scion brand and the tC. No need ot create more overlapp in the lineups than they need. Rather, leave the Celica rest and bring back the Supra or just give us a mid-sized coupe to replace the horrible Solara. That car NEEDS to go. It’s neither sporty nor truly luxurious and Toyota should can it sooner rather than later.

  4. Lets hope so, this car looks hot and the last one was to weird and front wheel drive ! the old rear wheel drive celicas where cool but never truly fast as americans pony cars so it never seemed to compete much… Now bring back that 1983 supra with the hot str8 6 and rear wheel drive, and DONT overprice the hell outta it and they will have a major seller on the hands.

  5. It looks like a wanna be Z to me.

    But that is what Toyota does best, copying other manufacturers’ every move.

  6. I thought the Scion tC “replaced” the Celica.

    Perhaps this is for Europe/Japan where they still sell the Celica and the tC (and the Scion brand) doesn’t exist?

  7. Not quite…more of a Celica Supra, like back in the old days…and also just an answer to the unbriddled success of the 350Z. Def agree with 6:29 above…it looks like a wanna be Z.
    Anyway, I posted a while back that there was going to be this car and a more expensive Toyota sports car, which will spawn a Lexus variant.
    Speaking of Lexus…expect a 3 series and G35 coupe fighter based on the IS, a aforementioned Lexus variant that will compete with the 6 series and the SL…and replace the current SC430.

  8. Hmm…I think the Scion tC was the heir to the Celica. It’s just what would have been the Celica. Maybe pictured above is the next gen Scion?

  9. If they could just fix the power/price ratio a little bit.

    It would be good for Canada as we don’t have the scion (unfortunately)

  10. Does anyone know where this pic came from? I’m assuming this is an artist sketch from a car mag as I haven’t seen Toyota release anything regarding the Celica for quite some time. (FT-HS is being referred to as a possible future Supra).

    What source is this pic from?

  11. “Funny…I just heard this past weekend that the tc in Scion tc stood for Toyota Celica. Anyone???”

    That’s just a joke. ‘Officialy’ tC stands for ‘touring coupe’; unofficialy it’s tC because it would have been named xC (as in xA, xB) but the XC name was taken by Volvo for the XC90 so they just used tC instead.

  12. “can the solara because it is neither sporty or luxurious?”

    what kinda logic is that? a car is neither sporty or luxurious needs to go?

    so according to ur logic that they need to get rid of camry, accord, accord coupe, mazda 6, ford fusion, g6 and all its variant, sebring and its convertible, and just about anthing that doesn’t fall under a luxury nameplate needs to go?

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