new Mazda RX7?

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More rumors about a Mazda RX7.
It would be slightly smaller, but cheaper than the RX8 (duh..)
And would be based on the current Miata frame.

Why not. But I didn’t think the RX8 was overpriced to start with. I drove it a while ago and it is a great car.
And it’s not selling that well. Which means discounts…

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  1. Its not selling well because it is Mazda & rotary engine. I don’t understand why mazda restrain it to “only” 237 hp when 350z top it with 300hp and put two usable seats when 350z don’t even provide enough space for luggages. If you want to sell a lot of sport cars, you have to put your heart in it, not your brain. Look at Countach vs Bora, or F40 vs 959, or sky/solstic vs Miata. The maddest and the most impractical always win.

  2. I hope it’s true Vince. I owned a ’79 automatic and a ’81 five-speed. I just hope that they offer an automatic (so my wife can drive it) with the same horsepower as the stick (unlike the RX-8). There is very little competition in this segment (read low priced, fun to drive and attractive), and I think that if the price is right, Mazda could sell as many RX-7s as they want.

  3. As an RX-8 owner, it’s sad that heavy discounts have been required to move new RX-8s. But there are two things people finally figures out about the RX-8.

    1. Dealer service is not up to par. Most don’t know enough about rotaries and the rest can’t give decent service to Mazda’s flagship sports car.

    2. The RX-8 is a gas hog. I get mpg worse than my SUV driving friends.

    I can’t wait for the day my lease is up and I can say goodbye to Mazda forever.

  4. that’s a pretty cool chop!

    why the slow sales? i heard about the engine troubles .maybe i’s the unconventional body style?

  5. I hope they do bring back RX7. I just hope it looks more like Kubra or what ever it’s called from 04 or 05 auto season.

  6. I wonder if this will be a 2+2 with the rotary motor
    and will it be FWD, RWD or AWD. I hope for the later
    along with a price starting in the $19-25.000 range.

  7. That’s what they’re talking about, Rotary and RWD.

    Horrible gas mileage and oil burning are well known Rotary curses.

  8. Mazda had a very cool concept sub RX-8 sports car on the car show circuit last year. I’d bet they’re developing that to replace the RX-8 at a lower price point.

  9. Why would it be cheaper than the RX-8? If anything it would probably replace it to better compete with the Nissan Z. A proper sports car with at least 300hp (hopefully turbocharged not supercharged) is what the RX-7 has to be, it’s not going to be some cheap low-powered thing that would compete with the MX-5 while not being much faster than the RX-8.

    The previous RX-7 was an incredibly fast car depending on the version, they wouldn’t make a new one less powerful and slower than that. Especially because I doubt a new car of that size can be under 1250-1300kg like the previous car, so it’ll need more power to match the performance anyways.

  10. I also considered a RX8 when they first came out because it was sporty but could also accomodate kids with the back seat.

    First, it was a brand-new car and the low oil lamp kept coming on during the test drive. That isn’t a very good marketing tool.

    Second, I didn’t like the way you had to keep the engine revved so high. If you drove it normally, it drove like my wife’s Corolla. You had to really stay in it to feel any performance. I was told that’s the nature of rotaries?

  11. first off it’s a rotory, which means you drive it LIKE a rotory, not a piston engine. It revs high because unlike a piston engine, HP is not limited to the cam timing/profile, the rotory also has better fuel eff. at higher RPM. The ‘issue’ with the motors going bad in the US was a ‘polite’ way of MAZDA saying that dumb ass’s that didn’t follow directions or read their owners manual put the wrong oil in the motors causing said failures.
    The next rx7 will be powered by the 16B, a new motor that, ( due to combustion chamber eff. increases), makes has the same power curve as the 20B RE but in a smaller, lighter package. Expect to see a power plant ~ 15% heavier with ~30% more HP and TQ. The origin of the RX& was a light, fun, good handling, inexpensive sports car.. it wasn’t until ford and that building of drunk monkeys in California’s ” mazda design studio’ got a hold of it , did it morph into something that it wasn’t suppose to be, Expensive. This next version will take us back to it’s roots, where it should be. The rotory engine is a strong, powerful motor that has dominated in many motor sports applications.. Just because the bulk of the US public , doesn’t ‘get it’ and chooses not to, does not make it a bad design or the rx8 a bad vehicle.

  12. this rx-7 chop looks pretty good, but i think mazda will come out with something much more tame looking.

    i own a mazda5 and am quite disappointed with the quality. at 13000km, i have already been to the dealership 3 times for different problems. i dont think mazda will be able to compete with toyota or honda until they raise their quality! the car is great to drive, but what does that matter if the car is in the shop??

  13. i am the proud owner of a 1987 RX7 FC3S. i am way siked on the 4th gen RX7 and can say that i’ll probly end up buying one as soon as it releases if it can compet with my FC. i don’t like the RX8’s and really not too big on the 3rd gen RX7’s but am really interested the 4th gens. ever since i was a kid i have been intested in the rotary motors and the FC3S. i was 6 yrs old the first time when i seen an FC and knew then that i had to own one some day and now i can say i have ressurected one from almost being in the salvage yard. i’ve put alot of money,time,and patients into it and it drives and handles better then anything else i have ever driven. it is really an awsome machine and i know if Mazda realeases the 4th gen then it should be even better then what im love with. nothing compares to the driving experience of a rotary powered car and i know nothing ever will. one day the Rotary’s will be back on top of the charts and i know think with the 4th gen RX7 it will happen soon,i believe the 4th gen will be even faster then a GTR and anything else it encounters….Rotary’s RULE!

  14. Idiots.. Why is the new rotary limited to power restraints? One, the newer rotary engine isn’t as smog efficient; if you recall all the other rotaries in the past, they were putting out more power BOLT ON, not all motor. And also, the rotaries have crazy problems with oil gasket leaks and pressure. Giving it the extra 60 hp you want would result in more shop time, with less availability to work on them. It’s all about balance; try it for your brains.

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