SLS to replace DTS???

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Some at GM are saying Cadillac doesn’t need 2 large sedans.
Many people take this as a statement against the DTS (or old Deville)

GM recently introduced in China a long wheelbase version of the STS called the SLS.
That would really make the DTS obsolete if sold here.

The US version of the STS is due for a mild refresh next year, but spy shots don’t show a new interior, like the one in the Chinese version.
I wonder if this is a trick. After the great new CTS interior, I don’t think they would keep the old cheap looking interior in the STS, would they???

STS,CTS, SLS, DTS… I’m getting noxious…

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  1. I think there is a niche space for aluxury FWD large sedan with extra big seats for front and back. After all, Lincoln towncar and Cadillac Deville/ DTS survive because they are real sellers and profit makers. After all, some people just want toys, class, and silent driving experience, not a sport sedan.

  2. someone is paying attention!

    why would the chinese SLS interior so closely resemble the new CTS interior, hmmmmm?

    the STS is getting a new interior, GM is trying to keep it a surprise. the long-wheelbase version however is still being debated.

  3. The CTS and Chinese SLS interiors share nary a single part. What the hell are you talking about? Chinese SLS is an upgraded version (i.e. nicer materials albeit same design language and many of the same parts) as the U.S. STS and ’07 SRX

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