2008 Honda Accord

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We’ve seen the coupe a few weeks ago. And here is the sedan version.

This illustration (I think) shows us the larger US Accord.
Not the more modern looking and slightly smaller Euro Accord that will end up here as the next Acura TSX.

No other news yet. I guess the 3.0 Liter V6 will grow to 3.2 or even 3.5 Liter. But I hear they might keep the same 2.3 Liter engine as a base model. Adding just a little more power to it.

On sale in the fall.

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  1. Families tend to buy Accords…this one’s got a face that’s aggressive and menacing….it might frighten small children, and therefore lessen the “family” appeal.

    edgy and interesting = new = unknown idea of design = fear among customers = lack of sales.

  2. The 4 door looks very nice for a Honda.
    It seems they are finally improving their line and making it more sportier then ever before.
    It would be nice if the CrossRoad also makes it into
    its new adopted home, the U.S.

  3. I like the style on this car. Much nicer then the Toyota or the new Chevy Malibu. Whenever the Japanese need to pull a rabbit out of the hat, they always seem to do so.

  4. From where the back door handles are, and how short the back door looks, I’d say the back seat would be tight for anyone over 4 ft tall. That back door looks about the same size as the back door from the RX-8.

  5. last one for honda
    this will bomb agains great and much nbetter ccars like the new malibu the fusion snf the sebring
    the us are proving avery day how dead these hoda cars are
    athey might still begood enough for japan and europ but here we need something better

  6. i agree with this car being a little too aggressive and menacing plus the front end seems boring, its got nothing but straight lines while the side is a little bit of the TL’s influence with the crease along the side and the round out fenders, i guess this gives the consumers of buying a plush smooth Camry vs a sporty menacing Accord, either way the Fusion, Sebring especially will have nothing on these two cars, the Malibu maybe

  7. god that front end is hideous.

    just because that grille works on the Element, doesn’t mean it should be on anything else.

    the side of the car has been ripped directly from the new C-class.

    it may be a honda, but it’s still ugly to me.

  8. Perhaps too menacing for Joe-n-Jane Crank-Out-Kids but the current one is reeealy frumpy. The 2.4 liter will move this from 0-60 in…what… A day and a half or so like the Camry.

  9. This car has a Dodge vibe to it.

    I don’t think it looks aggressive or attractive. Honda could be so much more creative than this or anything else they’ve recently released.

  10. I wonder if the U.S. Accord will look like that picture–wouldn’t be surprised if that pic is wrong.

    I hope the Accord isn’t too much larger because it’s too big now.

    The truth is that whatever the Accord looks like, it’ll be a superb car. I didn’t intend to buy an Accord when shopping for my last car, but one test drive in the Accord showed how much better it was than anything else in its class. Honda’s 4 cylinder engines are better than most other cars’ V6s.
    I’d recommend an Accord for anyone shopping for a mid-sized sedan.

  11. I was considering the new C-Class until I saw this. If this think even comes close to the handling of the C then….

  12. better than the current model, still wanting in the looks department, but,then again, people don’t buy hondas because they look good

  13. The current base 4cyl is a 2.4L engine not a 2.3L. And the new 4cyl should stay 2.4L but will show case Honda’s new A-Vtec system. HP should be arounf 170-190hp. The V6 will also have the A-Vtec system plus standard VCM (DOD) and will be a 3.5L producing 275hp using only regular grade fuel. There are also rumors that Honda might exclusively arm the Accord Coupe with the RDX’s turbo 2.3L engine to make an Si version or use another sporty moniker.

  14. this looks so much better in the sedan form. It looks like a mini tl. this looks to be promising. It’ll destroy the competition.

  15. Another hit from Honda. If they sell it with goodlooking wheels, it will be a nice advertisement for Honda on the road. Will they stick to the same grill for more than a year?

  16. LOL! Since when are children frightened by car designs? Never.

    This Accord looks too high-waisted and oddly proportioned. Not ugly, but just awkward. None of it looks like a Honda.

  17. Yikes! Honda takes the Accord coupe concept, adds 2 more doors and winds up with an ungainly result that makes the homely Crossroad look good. Let’s hope the next illustration is rendered by someone who can draw.

  18. As good and competitive as the new Malibu is (as well as the Fusion, can’t say too much about the Sebring), the new Accord is just making things easier.

  19. I sense there’s a couple of you who might be new to the car business.

    This is clearly a “Sport” model. The wing, grill, and tint denote that. There will be a much more boring version that will continue to sell hundreds of thousands, and probably a 50 MPG hybrid version that will sell a hundred thousand on it’s own.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t been paying attention to the history of the Accord. The Camry may be the “reliable” choice, but the Accord has a much stronger following. I would be very happy driving one of these, or a current Accord, or a 2002, 1998, 1993, 1989. Based on the competitive sales of these models used, so would hundreds of thousands of other people. Other than being a little more exciting to the sporty sect, I see nothing changed in this one.

  20. The front end appears to be highly vulnerable to damage, even if it is barely tapped in a parking situation, due to the flat surface and lower slits on the nonexistant bumper! Great for insurance companies everywhere!

  21. godawful front end styling. no thanks. I have been a Honda guy for years but their recent crop of cars has me in a Volvo which has been just as reliable and much more interesting. story could change if Honda were to bring the Crossroad or Stream over…especially if diesel powered.

  22. I now this is not the real car, but at list this one is soft in the back like a subaru. sharp and square like scion tc in the front. I love the front like 89 percent, but the back need more aggressive look. I can design better car and I can prove it.

  23. Do you really think it will frighten small children…..????
    staring at the bumper of perhaps a Hummer would certainly frighten them more..

  24. Probably a photoshop picture. Coupe concept-> stretch wheelbase-> add rear greenhouse from TSX and there you have it.

  25. If this is a double-post, I’m sorry.

    In my opinion, the current Accord is great.

    If update anything, update the S2000.

  26. This is definately a fake. Somebody with too much time on their hands and Photoshop. wait till September!

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