CTS Coupe coming?

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This illustration from Mark Stehrenberger shows what it could look like.
He is usually right on the money.

I heard for years Cadillac wanted to add a coupe (even a wagon) version to the CTS.
The next generation might just be the one.
A true 3 series competitor.

Let’s hope for a convertible as well. It’s about time Cadillac returns to the 4 seater convertible market…

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  1. i was thinking that they do need to replace the aged eldo coupe or offer a reasonable 2dr vehicle. this would be very smart to produce this. the car and components are here,all they have to do is make it happen.

  2. this car would finally give the way overpriced clk some competition, in the luxury midsize coupe category, everything else is either a large coupe like the 6 or cl, or compact like the 3 and g35. and im sure it will be cheaper, and judging by the new c class interior probably nicer on the inside to.

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