Scion xB on the floor

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The alloy wheels look much better.
I’m not too crazy about the all black interior, but that’s just me. I guess the dealer could install some tan leather on the seats and door panels and it would look more like these 2 tone interiors now offered on some cars.
But it still lacks a sunroof…

I think this car will be a big hit for Scion/Toyota.
It is bigger, but still small enough for those who liked the old model.

Smoother, roomier and safer (The Yaris on which this is based on got very good crash tests results and the xB is bigger)
I think we’ll see a lot of these around.

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  1. this will never work in america
    we don’t spend car monyey on breadboxs

    need real cars with big engines

  2. Jones, I seen so many XB on the car both in the US and Japan, so there is a solid market for this product.

    Vince, I am not sure if I saw a lighter color interior
    or perhaps it might have been the lighting, but your right it needs something else besides black.

    I would also add a simple AWD system as an option
    besides the sunroof.

  3. big engines are for big roads
    like the ones we have in beautiful america
    who would ever buy this when you can get a great chevy maxx or exporer or ant other american car. most will have a better and bigger engine made for big american roads
    this box is a joke and will never seelin the us of a

  4. I like good big engines and good small engines. I’m sure this Scion doesn’t have either.

    The design is a dis-jointed disaster. Kinda like a slightly melted 2007 Xb. The style is either juvenile or geriatric, I can’t decide which. The wheels look like they’re off of a Honda S2000, mirrors from a VW Bug and the paint looks like it came from a 1950s sock-hop. There’s no way anyone can say that the interior looks like quality stuff. I could see this in a Poke Mon cartoon.

    If this thing sells at all, it just means that the Aztek was ahead of its time. I give this turd a D-

  5. it will sell like hotcake. they couldn’t make enough first gen xb.

    btw, how come the armrest seem more black than the rest? seems too aftermarket.

  6. the new xB is not based on the Yaris platform — the new xD is.
    the new xB gets the 2.4ltr from the tC, and the xD gets the 1.8ltr from the Yaris RS (available in europe)

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